Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Outcast of Digimon - Digimon Frontier Review

April 7th, 2002. A week after what many consider to be the best Digimon series, "Digimon Tamers", came to end. As per tradition up to this point, a new Digimon series would take it's place in what seemed like an endless cycle of Digimon.

Something strange happened with the fourth TV Anime season of Digimon, "Digimon Frontier". Many fans raised their eyebrows to the entire concept of the series. It was a (arguably) radically different change from what we'd experienced up to this point; and fans weren't sure whether this was a welcome change or not.

Frontier is generally the most polarizing Digimon series when it comes to opinions on it, perhaps only rivaled by the notorious "Digimon Adventure 02". Many hate the series, yet many love it and claim this hate is unfair and unwarranted. Is there any truth to this, is the large fan backlash to Frontier something that it doesn't deserve? Is the series itself something that is worth the time of the many Digimon fans that devoted their time to the franchise? Is it just plain bad? Well, as someone who has come fresh off of a rewatch, let's take a look. Beware as spoilers for the series will follow!

Monday, June 13, 2016

History of Digimon - The Franchise of many Faces

With the recent announcement of the newest entry in the Digimon franchise, "Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters", comes the same complaints many fans of the Digimon series make each time a new entry in the franchise is announced. "This isn't Digimon!". "Why must they hit the reboot button every series?". "Why do they keep reinventing the wheel! Digimon was perfectly good as it was" - Of course, these are just a couple examples, and naturally, there are many valid complaints to make about much of the franchise and there are obviously many factors influenced by opinion and personal taste.
Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, the newest entry in the Digimon Franchise.
There are some complaints however that always strike me as peculiar. Specifically, the complaints that fall in line with the examples I gave above. Digimon is a franchise that is at it's core, about Evolution and Growth, changing, if you will. Even just a brief look at the history of Digimon will make this clear and I hope to give you that look in this article. Here, I hope to show you why claiming something "isn't Digimon" because of your own personal notions of what Digimon is may not be a valid criticism of the franchise, by showing you just how vast and different the Digimon franchise is.