Monday, January 14, 2013

Mighty Switch Force Review

HEY GUYS! TheDokta here. After a somewhat uneventful 2012 I hope to post more often here in the new year. To start of the year I thought a good review for a game I finished just recently. Mighty Switch Force being the third game in the Mighty series by WayForward(A seriously awesome game company check out their stuff) the other two being from DSiware.  Its a puzzle platformer game with some mild shooting. Now to start my first review of 2013!

Lets get wet ladies ;D


The gameplay in Mighty Switch Force, or MSF for short involves switching platforms to progress through the level and find 5 escapees. While the story for MSF is almost non existent we get that the main protagonist Patricia Wagon is a space police officer and on route to wherever 5 captives escape and weird green stuff creates various meanies to prevent Patricia from collecting them. There are 3 different types of platforms, solid platforms that switch normally, platforms that switch unless stood on and platforms that require an explosion to get through. These provide some variety in the platforming you will be doing in the levels. Which brings me to one of the shortfalls of this game. It's well short, 16 levels plus 5 bonus levels once you finish (unless you are playing the Hyper Driver edition but more on that later) The gameplay is simple enough to get that hang of after that first level and remains throughout. All in all I would give the gameplay a Great out of 10.

Die evil being!


The graphics in MSF are great for a downloadable title. Great animations and hit detection make the game fun to play. MSF is reminiscent of classic games with bit-sprites and mixes it with animated backgrounds all in layered 3D which is something I say breathes life into classic 2D platformers. HOWEVER later last year there was a version for the Wii U (which I also bought I love this game that much) With redrawn HD sprites and redesigned "Hyper Edition" levels which gave more content for players. I will have to say I do prefer the bit sprites more than the HD sprites for the Wii U edition. But that said for each version I give the graphics an awesome out of 10.


Ah yes MSF's soundtrack, let's just say if you are opposed to awesome techno tunes and catchy beats then MSF is NOT for you. This game features the musical stylings of Wayforward composer Jake Kaufman and he does a great job of keeping the rhythm of the games puzzle platforming action. There were moments where the music kept me focused on the puzzle at hand. I should also note that Patricia herself does talk on the occasion where you need to switch or pick up a Floppy Disk Heart as well as at the start of the level. With quotes such as "Lets switch it up!" and "Yummy" it's an inclusion that gives the game more immersion. Overall I give the soundtrack a YUMMY out of 10.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer portable 3D platforming of HD surround sound puzzling, Mighty Switch Force accommodates both with style. You can pick up MSF on the 3DS eShop for $9.00 (AUD) or $5.99 (USD) and is Currently not available on the Australian Wii U eShop but can be purchased on the European eShop for 6.00 (EUR) or $6.99 (USD) If you have the spare money it is definitely worth it if you are a fan of classic platfomers like Megaman. Challenging puzzles and fluid platforming combined with beat-tastic music makes for a genuine, albeit rather short gaming experience.  I give Mighty Switch Force a 8.5 out of 10.

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