Monday, September 19, 2011

Tokyo DOGS - Series review

After a long period of next to nothing done on the blog, here I am, bringing you a review of the JDrama Tokyo DOGS! Tokyo DOGS is a JDrama that aired during 2009 and starred Hiro Mizushima (Kamen Rider Kabuto) and Oguri Shun (Crows Zero...all I've seen with him in it other then this.).

This series was a pretty good series! It follows ace Detective from america, Takakura So (Oguri Shun) who is out to catch the man who killed his father, and Kudo Maruo (Hiro Mizushima) the more comical of the pair, a detective that's just...detecting. These two join in an unlikely partnership after finding a young lady with amnesia (Matsunaga Yuki, portrayed by Yoshitaka Yuriko) who may have something to do with a Drug Syndicate, who's leader is in fact the killer of So's father.

 What was the best thing this series did was the comedy. I found it hilarious and it was hard to stop laughing almost every episode. It was all done it good taste with quite a few running gags throughout the series. Not only did it have enough Comedy to satisfy it also had just guessed it, Drama. The drama in this series didn't use comedy to help it along like other shows might (Such as Hammer Session!) but during these intense moments you'll forget all about the comedy and just get drawn in. They did a good job appealing to a wide audience by using a method like this.

Now onto the music. The only piece of music I found to be memorable in this series was the theme, simply titled Tokyo DOGS theme. After I finished the series I downloaded the soundtrack, only to find I didn't actually recognize more then half of the songs on there. That's not to say they are bad. Just not exactly memorable pieces of music. The theme's ending song, Futatsu no Kuchibiru by EXILE however was a nice piece, and fit the series overall themes well.

The characters in this series was another plus. The main characters and most of the supporting cast were funny and loveable, just the way they should be in this Drama, each actor does a great job of portraying their characters (Especially Hiro and Oguri) which only adds to the series overall.

Not only was this the first Jdrama I've watched that wasn't set in a school setting but it's also one of the best. I enjoyed it very much and think any fan of JDrama, or even probably just anime could enjoy this series.

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