Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze

Another year, another Climax Heroes! This is a followup to my previous post which can be found here. I will be covering all of the things we know about Climax Heroes Fourze, along with rumors and what I'd like to see in this game.

So far, we know there will be Showa Riders in this game. Confirmed so far are Ichigo, Nigo, V3, Amazon, Black, Black RX along with Shadow Moon. These are some excellent additions to the game. Also, as far as we know all of the characters from the past games will be in this game, and there will be around 50 playable riders and possibily 100+ forms.

Two of the playable Showa Riders, along with a new stage.


2Vs.2 battles!
Aside from the mentioned Rider count that I mentioned earlier, it's also said that PuToTyra, BuraKaWani and Birth are playable. This is something that would please me greatly! This game will be for both the PSP and the Wii much like Climax Heroes OOO.

For what I'd like to see in this game? Well, aside from what you can find in my previous Climax Heroes post, I think the removal of Climax Time would be good. Instead of Climax Time, simply change the BGM when you knock your opponent into the red bar, retaining the epicness of having the Rider's theme played. I Think Den-O should be given Wing Form, I'd like to see Gill's playable, and heck playing as Ankh would be fun! Skull would be nice too! I won't be updating you guys on Climax Heroes news, as, well...We already have someone else for that. If you wish to keep updated on the Climax Heroes Fourze news, head over too JEFusion.


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