Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze - Review

I'm finally getting around to doing it. But hey, I doubt anyone will like it because my thoughts for this game are mostly negative and this will be a very short review. So, you know. Lets get started.

Here is my main gripe with the game. Above, is the character select screen. It doesn't start out full, but it will fill up very quickly.
"Why is it filling up quickly a problem!?" You might ask? Well, the fun of this game, at least for a non-Japanese speaker who can't understand whatever wacky story they come up with is mostly two things. A. Whatever little playability the story offers: In this case its unlocking characters, and B. Rider dreammatches. This game for me fails short in both of these areas, and I'll tell you why now.
Unlocking all characters; no, scratch that, 100%'ing the game takes under 2 hours to do. Under.Two.Hours. This is extremely little playtime for ANY fighting game to have, let alone a modern fighter. Climax Heroes OOO at least took me a day to do so, because of the way it handled its story mode.

Ragnarok mode from Climax Heroes OOO had many different routes you could take to reach a boss stage; Similar to games like...Um, I actually can't think of any right now, honestly. But that gave it variety; If you wanted to get all of the bonuses  and unlockables from a stage, you'd have to actually replay the stage. CHF's mission mode got rid of this completely; A lot of riders in CHF also suffered having 2-3 missions to play. To me, Mission mode was a huge disappointment coming straight from CHOOO.

The second thing that was a major disappointment for me in this game is that its basically, "Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO+" No, nevermind that, if it were that it would actually probably be a better game. All it is is CHOOO with this new Mission Mode, which as I said earlier greatly shortens the time it takes to unlock all of the riders and such, A few new characters (Most of the new characters are just Showa riders too, I love Showa as much as the next guy, but Heisei riders are more fun to play as because there is more too them then punching and kicking.), 2 new stages and a Tag-Team mode. Other then that it is exactly the same as Climax Heroes OOO, which is a problem to me, since I was playing CHOOO up until the day CHF was released.

The only thing that was worthwhile to me in this game is the Tag-Team battles, it allows you to pair up Riders and well, fight other Riders. I liked this because it at least allowed me to have a few more "Dream Matches" then the ones I already had fun with in CHOOO.
I have wanted to see this for so long.

Among other good features in this game, I'll praise the Custom soundtrack, which now allows you to customize each riders own soundtrack, not just the series in general. It also adds finishers to Riders who didn't have them in CHOOO which was a nice addition. I've already talked about the gameplay and everything else in my Climax Heroes OOO review, since this gameplay is almost exactly the same, I won't bother going over it again.

This is turning into more of a rant then a review, but whatever. One of the major things this game upset me with (Another major thing, lol) is not playing to the strengths of the Showa riders. I think it would have been much better to include Stronger and Super-1 as Riders in this game just because they are characters who better suit this game due to the fact Stronger can enter his Charge Up form and Super-1 can change his hands around.

Please don't get me wrong, this game isn't a BAD game, it's just a disappointing game. If you actually purchased Climax Heroes OOO (And got the awesome OOO Ganbaride card with it like I did) then I would not recommend you buy this game. If you however, obtained a copy of CHOOO without paying or have not played it at all, I would recommend this game for sure, as if you're a Kamen Rider fan and haven't played CHOOO, this game is guaranteed to give you at least a few hours of fun.

Overall, its a decent fighting game, but its just too similar to CHOOO for me to have been able to fully enjoy it. Its at least worth playing to unlock all of the characters.

This is actually the best thing I did in the game.
Oh, I see you found the Extra Bonus Rant Section, or the EBRS for short. This is actually just a rant I have about the game that impacts the game itself so little it it wasn't worth including in the actual review. Basically, what this is about is the secret character. Purple Eyes TaToBa. I actually hated this secret character. Purpled-Eyed TaToBa is cool, don't get me wrong. But in the last game we got W CycloneAccel Xtreme. Something we only saw a few second "Dream" of in the actual W series, so I was hoping we'd get something like that in this game too (I was actually hoping for OOO Love combo..). But as I said, thats just something that impacts the game so little its not worth being in the actual review.

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