Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Candy Boy and Why You Should Watch it

I honestly never thought I'd make a post like this. I've been enjoying the wonderful world of anime for a very long time now, and I'm far past the point where every anime I watch becomes my favorite. But recently I experienced something very similar to what I did when I was younger, that is an anime series called "Candy Boy".

As you can see in this image here, it is indeed a Yuri/Shoujo-Ai series, but even if you have some sort of hate for the genre, I really do ask you put that hate aside for the time being and read this post.
So, basically, all I knew about this anime was this: It was about Twin sisters in love with eachother. As I downloaded it, I was (for some reason) expecting some sort of hardcore Ecchi series along the lines of Aki Sora or KissxSis. But instead, I was got a beautiful, Slice of Life, Romance anime.

Unlike most Yuri anime of recent times that are made to appeal purely to teenage boys, using over the top sexual themes or ecchi, Candy Boy did nothing of the sort. Everything in the series was done in a very subtle way, the fact they are in a relationship is only said a couple of times throughout the series.

This series has a small cast of main characters, 4 to be precise. Scratch that, not 4 main characters, just 4 characters. That may not seem like much, but this is a very short series. It was first a ONA (For those who don't know, this means "Original Net Animation") That spanned for 8 minutes, followed by a 7 episode Web series, each episode varying from 12-20 minutes long. After this it was given to Extra episodes on the DVD releases. This makes Candy Boy a very short series, meaning if you are very busy with other things it can be easily watched. I'm rather glad myself it was a short series (Don't take this the wrong way, I want more Candy Boy. Much, much more.) as unlike other anime series in general, it does not include a lot of unneeded filler, unnecessary flashbacks, things like that. Each episode has a special meaning to it and I can almost guarantee each episode will touch your heart.

3 of the 4 main characters of this series.
While the series is only 10 episodes all up, it spans over quite a long time and deals with the issues of Kanade and Yukino's relationship along with Sakuya, a girl with a crush on one of the fore mentioned girls.

Everything in this series is done subtly, although it is obvious the girls are in love with eachother, their entire relationship is handled in a very subtle and well thought way, at the beginning I even questioned whether they were actually together or not. It does have Drama in it, but it does not go over the top and just as with the relationship, does it in a subtle way that hardly makes it feel like drama, but at the same time will tug on your heart strings to some extent.

Candy Boy also has 2 manga adaptations, one is kind of like a side story to the main series? I read somewhere it takes place after the main series, but it really doesn't seem like it reading it. The other is a spinoff that I've yet to read just yet.

Candy Boy is the first series in a long time that has made me feel this way, usually when I finish an anime I'll think "Oh, well that was pretty decent I suppose", click out of the folder its in and never really go back. Candy Boy gave me a sense of surrealism, it made my heart feel empty after I'd finished it, I just wanted more! I felt the need to let everyone know about this series for some reason, so here I am.

Closing, all I can say is that I really think everyone should give this series a try. While the genre's may not be fit for everyone's tastes, with the way the series handles everything I really don't think that matters. It's short enough to not be a hassle to watch either. In closing, all I can say is Candy Boy is a very good series, and I can only hope that one day we will get another series for it.

Oh hey, here are some helpful links:
Anime download: http://bakabt.me/150030-candy-boy-frostii.html
Manga download: http://bakabt.me/161722-candy-boy.html
Web series theme music: http://www.bakabt.com/152344-candy-boy-theme-song-singles-flac.html
ONA Theme song: http://www.mediafire.com/?2cmjymyhjkh
Candy Boy anime stream: http://anilinkz.com/series/candy-boy
Candy Boy manga stream: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/candy_boy/

With all these fancy links here, you've really got no excuse not to watch it! So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Seriously, Kanade is adorable.

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