Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sun-Ken Rock!! manga series review

Ok everyone this is Lilimkiss, and i'm the new manga blogger today im going to talk about an underrated manga called sun-ken rock it is a Japanese manga in the Korean manhwa style. It is about a young Japanese person who moves to Korea to chase a girl were he spend a year wasting his life then he gets the job of being the boss of a small gang in which he slow builds and makes stronger!

This manga is not for the light hearted as it has strong violence and extremely ecchi parts. this is a link to the manga if any one wants to have a look http://www.mangafox.com/manga/sun_ken_rock/ .
Well i hope those that choose to check it out like it and those that don't your loss... any way this was my first try at bloging dont be mean and my next blog will be about the many types of graphic art there is.

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  1. Read Sun-ken Rock at http://mangareaders.co/s-sun-ken-rock for more updated chapters.