Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty Cure All Stars DX3: Deliver the Future! The Rainbow~Colored Flower That Connects the World - Review

Just a couple Cures in this movie.
Well, guys. I just recently got into the Pretty Cure series, as it may be evident by my earlier episodic reviews for Suite Precure, but just recently this movie got subbed by Doremi-CureCom, so, even with my limited Pretty Cure knowledge i decided to give it a try; and to my surprise, it was actually an enjoyable movie, especially if you're a 9 year old Japanese Girl. Hell, it's even enjoyable if you're a 17 year old guy like myself.

The movie's plot is pretty much what you'd expect. The world is in danger, and the Precures have to save it. Surprised, right? Just like what i assume took place in the movies beforehand, Hibiki and Kaede had no clue there were other Precures and were on a regular trip to the shopping mall, where all the past Precures just happened to be gathered. Soon after, an incident occurs which causes the world to be in danger of being thrown into eternal darkness (or something along those lines) and the worlds only hope are the Precures.

The main problem with this movie, from my standpoint, is that there are too many Cures. I never counted how many there were, but there was a lot. It was too many for them to be able to keep up with most of them, and because of that it only focused on a handful, if not even that.

Another thing that this movie excelled well at was the music. A lot of the songs will be recognizable to fans, which i found to be neat. Especially how each of the many Pretty Cure series theme songs were included, I thought this made for a nice touch during the scenes they were used in, and overall i found them very enjoyable. This movie reuses old villains, but i'm sure that is not a problem for most, if any, whilst the Final Boss of the movie is an Intelligent black hole. I Found it to be a somewhat absurd concept, but it made for a very nice finish in the end.

Another pro for me with this movie were the fight scenes. They were very well animated, and actually reminded me of Dragon Ball Z fight scenes, Especially the Melee fights, which i found to be very entertaining, if not too short. Most of this movie was filled up by Comedy, speeches, and the Cure's stalling, but that was okay as i found both the Comedy and the Stalling, which was also done in a comedic way to be very amusing.

The last thing i will say about this movie, is that if anything, it had a lot of Screenshotable moments, which i love in any movie. If you're a fan of the Pretty Cure series, i highly recommend checking this movie out; which you likely will anyway. If you've only just started watching Pretty Cure, like me, i can still recommend this movie. If you're new to the Precure franchise overall, i think this movie can be a decent starting place to introduce the Cures and help you decide what series you may like to watch based on that. This was an entertaining movie, but it won't appeal to non-precure fans, or at least people who aren't fans of the Magical Girl genre.

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