Friday, July 22, 2011

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Series Review

Well, having recently rewatched this series, i thought i would review it. I won't just be reviewing this either. I'll also be reviewing Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, along with...Code Geass - Nightmare of Nunnally! There's also some other Code Geass related media i am looking into reviewing, but for now i'm not too sure on anything else. Well, with all that said and done, let's get on with this review.

Well, you guys don't need me to tell you how good of a series this is. But i'll tell you all anyway. Code Geass is a great series and i'm sure there aren't many who will disagree with that.

Code Geass is set in an alternate reality, where "Britannia" (Which is what i can only assume is some form of Britain) has begun to take over the world. There are three "ruling nations" in the world right now. Britannia, the Euro Universe and the Chinese Federation. Britannia, once taking over a nation changes it's name to a simple number. This series takes place sometime after the take over of japan, which has been renamed to Area 11, with the Japanese now known as Elevens. Because of this there are terrorist groups in Area 11 that oppose Britannia.

Now, for the plot. It follows a teenaged Britannia, Lelouch Lamprouge who lives in Area 11. Yeah, nothing special, right? Well, no. His name is actually Lelouch Vi Britannia and he along with his younger sister Nunnally Vi Britannia are both Britannian royalty who were used as bargaining tools and sent to Japan just before the invasion. Nunnally is blind and crippled due to an incident that happened during their childhood, in which their mother was killed. Nunnally wishes for a more gentle, peaceful world. Lelouch ends up finding himself in a Ghetto, in which there are Terrorists fighting the Britannians, Lelouch accidently runs into a girl named C.C who forms a contract with him, giving him an ability known as "Geass", the absolute power of obidience. Armed with his new power, Lelouch, under the alter ego or Zero starts a group known as the Black Knights, in order to crush Britannia and create a more gentle world for his sister to live in.

Code Geass is often compared to Death Note because of it's plot, And i will address this more in another blog post, however Code Geass spices things up with it's unique, large cast of characters, along with something very important to the series: Mecha. Code Geass has Mecha battles as a regular thing and is Britannia's most powerful form of weaponry. I Think the Mecha battles helps to disctract viewers from feeling this anime is too much like some of the other titles that were popular at the time, however it does not need this at all: Code Geass is indeed a unique series. However, i must say the animation in the Mecha fights along with the Mecha design itself is a strong point for the series.

This series is a climax from start to finish, and if you have yet to watch it i recommend you watch it right away. Another great thing about this series is the music, but i'll touch on that more in the R2 review. I think this is an anime anyone can enjoy, It's a series with great characters, a solid and interesting plot, and most importantly, Eye Powers and Mecha.

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