Monday, October 10, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars - The Boy Hunters who Leap through time - Impressions.

Yo, guys. Joeker here, as usual. Today I'm gonna give you all my early impressions of Digimon Xros Wars - The boy Hunters who leap through time, the new series of Digimon. I've loved Digimon since I first watched Adventure when I was around 7 and still do today, unlike most people when it comes to Digimon I have a soft spot for every series, because they are all good in their own ways. But, let's take a look at the new series, based on it's first two episodes.

What i'm about to tell you is no secret. I loved Xros Wars. In all honesty, I Think it was probably the best Digimon season we'd had so far. The characters, Digimon, plot and villains were all well done, in fact better done then the past series before it. But how does it's sequel hold up? Well, let me tell you....
Unlike previous Digimon, this series takes place in an area known as "DigiQuartz", a special space between the Human World and Digital World, where people known as "Digimon Hunters" Hunt Digimon. Before the series starts we already have 3 Hunters, the rivals for this series, Mogami Ryouma, Tobari Ren and Suzaki Airu. Unlike most rival characters, these guys aren't total dicks. Ryouma is in fact a pretty cool guy, even helping out Taigiru out when he was defeated in DigiQuartz and telling him that it would even take himself, an experienced hunter a bit of time to come up with a strategy to defeat the digimon he was fighting..

Taiguru is the protagonist of this series, and let me tell you, he is much more bearable then Daisuke from 02. Not only is he willing to listen to Taiki, who returns as a main character for this series, but he also has a kickass Digimon, Gumdramon, who Super-Evolves into the major badass, Arresterdramon. 

Taiki and Yuu both return as main characters, Taiki with his old partner and now Digimon King, Shoutmon. While Yuu is with Damemon, who has unfortunately yet to show up. Shoutmon, you ask? Yeah, you remember him right? He looked kinda lame but it was all good. Remember how he looked a bit funny? Forget that. Shoutmon now looks like a total badass. He has the best design for a protaginist digimon by far. I mean, just look at that Scarf. That Armor, Those Scars, it all just screams badass.

Well, regardless of how badass Shoutmon is, from the first two episodes the basic plot is something like this: Digimon have been escaping the Digital World and entering DigiQuartz, where they use the emotions in peoples hearts to become stronger or something like that, and the Digimon Hunters have to hunt them down. Or something like that. That's just what I got from the first two episodes at least.

She's no Nene though..

One of my main problems so far is the fact that there is no Kirha or Nene...Having no Nene is like Having no Life. But, we get Airu. So I guess I can deal with the lack of Nene. There's also rumors that the main protagonists of the past series will turn up as Digimon Hunters, or something of the sort. I'm not sure what to think about that, But I at least think there's a chance Ryo from Tamers will make some sort of appearance.

There's one more thing I'd like to talk about. Digimon Hunters. That's what the humans with Digimon are called in this series. Unlike the Generals in Xros Wars, Hunters can only use 1 Digimon at a time, but they are able to switch it for another of their Digimon or have it DigiXros with a Digimon in their X-Loader. This, to me is very reminicent of Digimon World 3, just replacing the Jogress Evolution with DigiXros, I think it's pretty cool and will require the hunters to use more strategy them the General's in Xros Wars did. (No offense Taiki. But summoning all your digimon at once wasn't exactly fair on that one enemy.)

Another thing I'm happy about is that they kept Twill as the singers for the opening, which I think is nice as we finally get some Digimon Opening's sung by women.

I think this series actually has the potential to be the best Digimon series yet. But we'll have to wait and see. I think any Digimon can can enjoy this, especially if you've already watched Xros Wars. We're going to be in for a good ride with this series.


  1. The 1st episode looks like Pokemon, well, I hope they don't fight with each others like Pokemon tournement. This series has too few female characters.

  2. You should do another review now that were farther in because quite frankly you can do one with only the first few episodes you need atleast 10 to do an early review.

  3. Haha, this wasn't really a review, more just a look at what the series has to bring. I'll most likely do a review once the series is finished. I hope you look forward to it!