Tuesday, October 11, 2011

High School Debut - Review

Well guys, this is my first JMovie review. High School Debut, I haven't read the manga nor do I intend to ever read. It's not that I don't like Shojou, it's just without magical girls flying around it can get a bit boring. But an entire Manga series summed up into a movie? That I can do.

I'm gonna get this off my chest now. I would probably never watch a movie like this if it were made anywhere else in the world. Japan always seems to have it's own distinct styles of doing things, even when doing a romance movie like that that is able to make it appealing and fun for everyone; Not just teenage girls. It shows all to well in this movie, The movie's humor and gags can be enjoyed by anyone and the characters were all fun too.

Another thing I feel I should praise is the cast of this film. In all honesty, I was only interested because it had both Masaki Suda and Rina Aizawa, however the other actors were fun, and made it worth watching. Ito Ono, the gal who portayed Haruna Nagashima was absolutely adorable in this film, I think that if she hadn't been the one to portray Haruna, the movie would have been much less entertaining. Which takes me to another point, Yoh, the hero of the movie. His actor, Junpei Mizobata was a total badass in this role. The only other person who I think could have stood a chance for this role is Mokomichi Hayami, but since he's already in his late 20's, Junpei it was. And he did a really good job.

The plot was pretty regular shoujo stuff, girls wants to have a boyfriend. The spin being Haruna is like, not really...popular with the guys I guess. So she needs Yoh to coach her on the condition that they don't fall in love. Sure, we'll see how that goes. Either way, as far as Shoujo plots go this one was pretty okay, the best parts about this movie though was the characters.

As far as music goes...Yeah, it was okay. Not too spectacular, but nothing bad. That's really All I can say about it because...well, that's really all there was to it.

This movie was prettyyyy good. Worth the wait. Anyone who is into these movies could easily enjoy it and honestly, even if you're not there's a good chance you will. I'd say give it a try.

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  1. Joe-san!! This is Aquarius of FTF...

    Where'd ya watch/download it with subs?? :O

    I wanna watch it so badly!! X))