Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's go Kamen Riders - Review

Well guys, here I am with my review for the 40th anniversary movie for Kamen Rider, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's go Kamen Riders!

Riderrrr, Tamashii!

To start off, this movie is wrongly titled. It SHOULD be "Den-O, Double Riders, All Riders: Let's go Kamen Riders" as the most screen time anyone from OOO got was Ankh (Usually floaty hand Ankh too).
This wasn't a problem though, as Ankh's interactions with the Taros along with Kotarou was pretty entertaining.

"I don't care if he's an Ankh or a Tank"
The movie starts with Eiji fighting some Mole Imagin (Is that what they were called? I haven't watched Den-O for a year or so, so I'm not sure.) Ankh tells him they aren't Yummies, as they jump into a little boy (that sounds weird...), after which Kotarou shows up, tells OOO who he is and what Imagin are, then goes back in time after them with Eiji and Ankh hitching a Ride on the Den-Liner. In the past, the year 1971 Ankh drops a cell medal, which a Shocker General picks up and delivers to Great Leader, creating the Shocker Yummy, which defeats the Double Riders and brainwashes them. This causes no subsequent Kamen Rider's to exist, and upon returning to 2011 most of the world has been taken over by Shocker.

This is just a general outline of the plot; For the most part it doesn't make a whole let of sense what happens in this movie, but as a Den-O movies I recommend viewers remember what Den-O did a lot, "Memories are stronger then time itself" kinda thing, as there are a lot of things that happens that just...well, didn't make sense otherwise.

I would like to praise the music of this movie, one piece in particular. An instrumental of "Let's Go Rider Kick!" that was played when the Double Riders are fighting Shocker. I cried manly tears when I heard this play, it was a truly epic moment.

Another good thing this movie does is have almost all of the Riders to appear; Unlike All Riders Vs. Dai-Shocker, where the secondary riders were left out of the Final Fight, a lot of the secondary riders are present for this one.

Just when you finish wondering "Who the heck is that guy..." he lets you know. That's right, It's Zubat, the magnificent! The inclusion of these heroes was probably one of my favorite parts of the movie, despite the short screentime they get.

I'm pretty sure this movie takes place in Den-O's continuity, but it also may not be canon at all, which would be a bit of a bummer. This movie was pretty good for a Kamen Rider movie, and was more filled of Epic moments of Fan Service then anything else; If you're a rider fan you should have already watched this by now, so I shouldn't have to tell you too.

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