Monday, June 27, 2011

The World God Only Knows II - Series Review

Well, today the last episode of The World God Only Knows II aired. I'm sure many fans were disappointed it's come to an end already, and i for one am one of them. However, i think there is still hope for a season 3 as well. So, Let's get this review underway.

It's always surprised me how great TWGOK is. I first heard about it last year before the first season aired, i was browsing MangaFox and saw it in the top manga, and thought i'd give it a try and was instantly hooked. The second season follows the same plot as the first; Keima, otherwise known as the god of conquest hates the real world, and only cares for 2D girls. He however has to capture "Loose Souls" that have made their way into the crevices in the heart's of girls by making them fall in love with him. With such a simple plot, you'd think it'd be terrible. But it's the characters that makes up for it..
Keima is a great character, and i'm sure most of us can relate to him. I Think that's why this series became so popular. Along with his Demon "Sister" Elsie, who was portrayed as an airhead with a fascination for Firetrucks was also able to appeal to us as well. Each of his targets are also unique characters with distinctive traits, and while there were only 3 he actually had to capture in this series, it was still just as entertaining as the first.

This series also introduced one of my favorite characters. Haqua.
So, with 3 actual "Capture" arcs, a filler episode in between each of them (usually) and the Haqua arc, this series pulled together nicely. Now for an important part of this series. The Music.

The music in this series is absolutely amazing. The Opening is just as good as the first, and is still sung in engrish. The ending was also decent, and all of the insert music was well done and usually fit the moment it was played well, we also got another song sung by Keima near the end of the series.
Another great thing about this series is it's parodies. Unlike other parody anime it's parodies weren't the top priority, and because of that they seemed much more tasteful then it can in other anime, along with the way they make the parody fit what the anime is trying to portray at that moment.

Tenri and Diana's appearance during the end of the season. This made the anime for me.
My only problem with this is...Well, so far it's only 2 Season's. Apparently the DVD's haven't been selling well either, meaning we may not get a third season. However, at the end the next bach of heroines were shown and Elsie did say "Continue" after Keima had said it was the end, much like in the first season. So, with this i hope we get at least one more season.

This anime is certainly worth watching, and i don't think you'd even need to watch the first season to be able to pick it up, but of course, i recommend you do. As it's a great series.

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