Sunday, August 7, 2011

JoekerStraightFlush Announcement - Kamen Rider Week!

Hey guys, Joeker here. We originally had a few plans for this blog, and some of the things we hoped to do in the future with it. But at the moment, all of that great stuff down the line is being put on hold, as this week for JoekerStraightFlush, it will be Kamen Rider Week!

"Kamen Rider Week?", you ask? That's right. This week we will be doing multiple Kamen Rider related things, with an attempt to do at least 1 each day, if not more. What kinda things? We'll be bringing reviews of Kamen Rider Series or Movies, Games, Gameplay videos, etc. This will last for a whole week, that's exactly 7 days folk, 7 days of Kamen Rider-ie goodness!

I'll also be adding a note on the blog's facebook page,
about some things that i'd like to improve on or add to the blog, so in the meantime, stay tuned and stay excited!

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