Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! - Review

Kamen Rider Week carries on, with a review of the 1984 TV Special, "Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!"!
This TV Special Ran for 40 minutes, however there was also a 60 minute version - the one i watched. The 60 Minute version starts out with a good 20 minutes or so of Kamen Rider history, which after that, we learn about ZX origins. Ryo Murasame and his younger sister were investigating a UFO crash over the Amazon (AAAMAAAAAAZON!) only to be taken by the very same UFO. Ryo's sister was killed and he was turned into a Cyborg, Ryo eventually regains his memories however and leaves behind the Badan empire, who wish to rule the world.

Sure it will.
The Badan Empire wishes for world domination, and plan to succeed where Shocker and Co. failed, with a new doomsday weapon they have created. It is missing something called Badancium 84, in which the Kamen Riders manage to seize. Badan managed to get their hands on one truck of it though, meaning they will be able to power their doomsday weapon up.

At first, ZX mistakes a group of Riders as Badan soldiers, which made for a nice Rider Vs. Rider fight, one thing i found great about this special was the fight scenes, i thought they were all well choreographed and all seemed very real, especially in comparison to the CGI-ridden fight scenes we have today.

ZX fought other Riders even before Decade made it cool.
ZX learns they aren't his enemies...and we're given another history lesson, this time on the past 9 Showa riders and how they came to be, which i must admit was the most amusing of all of the history lessons.

Overall, this was a pretty entertaining special, especially the fight scene of the 10 Riders fighting against the Badan Empire's Kaijin's. After watching this i have to admit i miss the Showa Era riders, along with Rider's being cyborgs. Again, this TV special can and should be watched by any Kamen Rider fan, as it will give you a nice look into the history of Kamen Rider. I Think it would have been better off as a movie though, but that's just nitpicking. The effects were also pretty well done for it's time, this special is an enjoyable experience for anyone who enjoys Kamen Rider, whether it be Showa or Heisei.

Also, this movie seemed to have a strange focus on V3 and Super-1. I Understand Super-1, the rider just before ZX, but why V3...? Wouldn't Kamen Rider 1 make more sense? Ah well, again just a minor nitpick of mine.


  1. Super 1 is the 7th rider, and V3 is third , so 7 + 3= 10? which is ZX?

  2. Super 1 is the 7th installment*