Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ocarina of Time 3D Review

And here we are! Back again with my promised review The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.
Without further adieu lets get started!

Graphics: SO the main difference between the N64 and the 3DS version of the games is the graphics overhaul. The 3DS being much more powerful hardware (obviously) can handle up to PS2\ Gamecube graphics. Grezzo the co producer of this remake has decided to scale them up just enough for it to still feel like OoT whilst looking beautiful. Textures, Lighting and even certain models have been redone and rendered in 3D. To get a sense of the games depth you really have to play; the 3D offers some assistance in determining distance in some tricky platforming. What more is there to say, The picture below says it all...

So beautiful!

Controls: This was going to be one of my most worried about things before OoT3D came out.
I was wondering how they could have emulated the N64 C-Buttons. Then I saw some screen shots of them using the touchscreen for the use of items and the map. I thought that was a great idea. And it was. The Iron Boots and Hover Boots have now been made items for quick and easy access. The L and R buttons act as the Z and R buttons respectively. The controls are easy to get used to and not uncomfortable in anyway.

Audio: Here is where I thought they were well..lazy. This remake still uses the original MIDI music from the original. Sure the music for the time was great but nowadays they had the chance to orchestrate or at least fiddle with the MIDI to make it sound less electronic. Remember its not everyday a company gets to remake a classic. That being said there IS one orchestrated track in the game but I'll let all of you out there who havent played it yet go out and do so.

A legendary game deserving of this 3D remake. One final note, the 3D in my opinion adds great depth and a feel of being in the game. GO OUT THERE RIGHT NOW; Purchase a 3DS and this game you will not be disappointed. Lastly I must apologize for this review taking FOREVER but i was really busy during the last few weeks of school and had to put this off. I hope you can forgive MEEEEEE! Next review WILL be out this Friday. I promise.

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