Thursday, February 2, 2012

My first look at Tales of the Abyss 3DS

Hey, guys. I’m Chris. I’m a friend of Joeker. I like a lot of stuff, I don’t like a lot of stuff, blah blah blah, let’s get to it!
So recently, a friend of mine at school was like, ‘Dude, you should totally try this game.’
So he gives it to me and I thought it was exceptional. So, today after school I rushed to JB-HI FI and hoped it was there. I could only hope that there was at least one left ‘cause I heard It was hard to come by. Lucky for me I came across it. So here’s my thoughts on it so far.

The game starts off with you being in your room. I kept 3D off at that point. Now, this may be weird, but I do not like playing my 3DS games in 3D often, but when I turned 3D on It was alright. It didn’t hurt as much as the other games did. I, personally don’t think it looks too good in 3D. It just didn’t feel right for me. On top of that, I’ve taken a break from the game just now to talk about it because my eyes hurt from it and I usually like spending many hours at a time playing games like this one. But don’t get me wrong guys, I really think the designs of Kimlasca (Where the main character lives) and Kimlasca Kingdom and the rest of the game so far are great. 

               ‘Just because he’s King he thinks he can just order people around. It makes me mad.’ - Luke

Not long after, a character called Tear joins your party. I found the characters likeable very quickly. I mean, I believe they did a great job when they had first created these characters. I also especially like that when Luke tells Tear to ‘Shut up’, she does. She doesn’t even get angry or complain. Makes me laugh even though I feel a tad bit sorry for her. 

Just a bit. 

No, not really. 

But she seems pretty cool to me right now.
‘Stfu. Nobody asked you.' - Luke
‘I suppose you’re right.’ - Tear      I'm just going to hold you like this and whisper.
So, after she joins your party after the effect of what is called a ‘hyper-resonance’ (When two fonists use their powers together), they venture to go back to Luke’s home town because it took them to God-knows-where forest. So they run into a shifty dude who lets you in on a free ride on a magical pumpkin carriage. (I forgot what It's called).  
Instead they wind up in a place called ‘Engave’, which is a place full of food loving people who accuse Luke of theft. Why is this? Apparently, the little aristocrat ate an apple before paying, thinking that It would be already payed for because of his PRINCESS inheritance. This made him look suspicious because someone/something had been stealing the village peoples food stock. That scene made me laugh. Being brought up to a point where I don't know how to buy stuff at a store might not be so bad.

(Apples are f*cking delicious btw, so I understand how the 
retailer got angry him for just taking an apple just eating it and not paying straight away.)
                                                           You need to f*cking pay, man.

Being in battles isn’t too difficult to handle, though playing hard mode, you just really got to pay attention when fighting enemies. It was a pretty straightforward concept: Hit-hit-hit, keep distance, hit and try not to get hit! That was how I stayed alive. I think there are other difficulties, but I'd probably never change it to one of those if I unlocked them. It is hard enough for me as it is! The music really kept me into battle, training never felt so good. Dunno how hard it could get in the future though. I hope I don't die quick. I'm looking forward to seeing more end-battle quotes from characters. The voices are decent but I especially like Tear's voice when she sings a hymn to heal you, It’s damn cute. Even though I don’t quite understand it.. 
I’m looking forward to continue playing this game. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the game so far.
PS: I think I need glasses.
PSS: Ion is girly.
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