Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pokemon Black And White 2 Speculations

Today on Pokemon Smash, Junichi Masuda (the director of GameFreak) announced two new Pokemon games! Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2, which are supposed to be sequels to Pokemon Black and White. From what I've seen in the community, reactions are mixed. Some people seem excited, some disappointed. Since we only have very little news for these games so far, I'm making this post just to share a bit of my Speculation for the games, so sit back and enjoy.

In this image above we have two, what Masuda has told us to be new Pokemon (or forms for Kyurem.)! They will be the legendaries for this game, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem; I'm not sure if these are the final names, but thats what I've seen said for now. Other then this, the names and that they are "Sequels" are the only things we know about the games so far. So, lets begin our speculation, shall we?

To start off with, I'm disappointed with the people who are disappointed with this announcement. There seem to be a few major reasons why they are, those reasons being:
  • They are not Pokemon Grey/Gray Version
  • They are no Ruby/Sapphire remakes
  • It's a sequel so it will have to have some sort of different plot

I'll start with the R/S remakes. Since HeartGold and SoulSilver versions were released after Platinum, isn't it natural to assume the R/S remakes were going to come after Grey/Gray? I also imagine with the R/S remakes they would want to leave them for after Grey/Gray to make them on the 3DS; So they can experiment with what they might want to do for Gen VI. Isn't that the natural assumption to make?

The next two issues come hand in hand: Grey/Gray and this games plot. This is where my speculation begins too.

People are upset we are getting Sequels instead of a third version game. They are also worried as I mentioned above about what they will do with the plot? Why? Keep in mind this is only my speculations, but wouldn't it make sense if:

These are Grey/Gray. Thats right. These are sequels, but they are also a third version. Well, thats pretty much what they are anyway, but let me explain why. The plot won't be something different or over the top, it will be something like, You're a new trainer starting in the Unova region sometime after the events of B/W. During your adventure, you run into the reformed Team Plasma who have some sort of devious plans that involve the legendary Pokemon Kyurem, and you raise your Pokemon, defeat gyms, find Team Plasma, defeat them, catch the legendary then go beat the Elite Four.

Why would anyone think it would be anything different to that because it's labeled a "Sequel"? Remember, it's still a Pokemon Game, a Main Series Pokemon game for that matter, thats what they've always been and I don't see why they would be any different now. If this game does take place sometime after B/W as sequels, then they will probably have new areas and characters just like other third versions do. Doesn't it just seem like rather then being some complicated games that will follow after B/W's story, they are just a third version split into two games?

Well, this is just what I think. I wanted to Speculate about a lot of other things in the game in this post, but it ended up kind of dragging on. I'll probably make another post sometime (Probably the next time we get some news for this game) about my actual Speculations, not just about it being a Third version split up into two.

Either way, I am very excited about Black and White 2 and can't wait to see what they will bring.

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  1. dam the pokemon company F#$%^ up the new in coming game but am just going to wait when it come out. they could do better.