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Pokemon ReBurst Chapter 1-2 Review

Pokemon ReBurst, also known as "Pocket Monsters ReBurst" is a manga series that 2011. Sometime. In the Weekly Shounen Sunday. It is about a boy named Ryouga who is a 'Burst Warrior' along with his friends, fighting an evil organization called "Great Gavel" along with trying to find something called the "Arcades". No, he's not a trainer. That's right. He's a "Burst Warrior" What's that, you ask? Well, It's a Human who can become a Human-Pokemon hybrid. Crazy, right? Ridiculous? No, actually. It's not at all. I'll explain more about it a bit further on. Oh Yeah guys. Warning, Spoilers ahead.

The series also advertises itself as being more "serious" then other Pokemon media. I assume by that they mean the anime. It is indeed more serious, only based on what is scanlated so far. I'll explain why as I go on.
I was originally going to wait until chapter 6 was scanlated, so that I could review the whole first volume. But I have no idea how long that might take and I really wanted to get a review out due to my lack of innactivity, so I decided I would review the chapters in pairs instead of volumes.

The first chapter involves Ryouga undergoing a test in order to deem whether or not he is fit to be a Burst Warrior, during which he meets what appears to be the heroine of this series Miruto.

Yep, he is that cliche'd..
So, aside from his cliche'd "Nothing is impossible!" glance on life, he is a pretty cool character from the first chapter online. His physical abilities are shown to be much more then any Pokemon Trainer I know (I mean, come on, he lifts a rock that big.) Eventually he passes this test and sets out for his journey to find the "Arcades". 

In a nearby town however he runs into trouble; The Great Gavel organization, the villianous group for this series. They have plans; big plans. They are kidnapping Pokemon, nothing unusual for a villianous group in Pokemon. Among the Pokemon they stole was a little girls Lillipup, which Ryouga of course, wants to rescue. As these things go he gets into a fight with the people there, and then. Well, that's when shit starts to get serious.

Ryouga takes out what everyone thought was a Pokeball, but surprise! It was a "Burst Heart" a crystal with a Pokemon sealed inside it. Ryouga's just happens to be Zekrom, which he uses "Burst" to fuse with Zekrom, becoming a Burst Warrior.

The first chapter ends here. It was...pretty good. A good start to the series. It really had the Shounen feel to it, with the protaginist first using their powers as a cliff hanger and immedietly made me want to read the second chapter. Luckily for me, it was already scanlated. 

Unlike in the anime series, he instantly goes from one place to another. Like, I'm sure it took him a while to get from his home villiage to whatever town he ended up in, but unlike the anime we didn't have to spend 20 episodes that seemed like filler waiting for it. It was much more worthwhile and made it all a much more enjoyable experience. My main problems so far is the cliche of this series. It's to be expected from a popular franchise like Pokemon though, so it is only a small complaint, and hey. All Shounen series have this. 

All in all, chapter one was good. Definetly a good start to this series.

Now, I'd like to take a moment here to look at a gripping issue with this series for me. This may sound silly, but that issue is..Well, the 4th season of Digimon, Digimon Frontier. I am truly worried people will think "Oh, remember when they tried that with Digimon? Yeah, that was a terrible season." I really think this is the wrong reaction to have, as people becoming both Digimon Hybrids and Pokemon Hybrids is a good idea, this idea was just wrongly excecuted in Frontier. Pokemon ReBurst so far has done a much better job then all of Frontier did. So I ask that all of you do give it a chance.

So, right away lets get started with Chapter 2. Chapter 2 starts off right where Chapter 1 ends up, Ryogua has defeeated the enemy...Which reminds me. There is something I left out earlier. Remember how this series proclaims to be more "serious" then other Pokemon series? Well, here's something that certainly is: This guy from Great Gavel that Ryouga is fighting, well he is using the Power of Pokemon to fight. Not as a trainer, no. He is using a device that aborbs a Pokemon's life energy and lets him use it as his own power, until the Pokemon die. Thats pretty crazy.

In this chapter, Ryouga explains how Burst works, I'd explain it myself, but as you can see from the picture above, it's pretty straightforward. Since all the action happened in the first chapter, the second chapter was rather boring in comparison. There really isn't much to say about it because not a whole lot happened other then Ryouga giving a brief explination on Burst. 

Overall these two chapters are pretty good for the start of a Pokemon manga and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. U-prod is currently scanlating this manga if you are interested in it, but as I said before I do not know when they will have more released. But definitly do give this manga a try. The first 2 chapters are pretty decent but it does really pick up in the next few, which I'll be going over sometime during the next week. Until then, Look forward to my Smile Precure Episode 1 Review!

Actually, if anyone knows where I can find raws for it, just let me know, kay?

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  1. so atleast nintendo has recognized the need to turn the series into a serious mode aimed at the older audience. i hope it becomes better than pokemon adventures even though adventures is perfectly fine. if it really becomes more amazing than adventures then the present fanbase will expand in the 13-18 bracket.let's hope it does and that they bring it out in us atleast.