Monday, February 6, 2012

Smile Precure - Episode 1 Review

Yo guys, Joeker here! Rare, right? Two reviews within the course of one month? Well, as I said I plan to increase productivity here. So, lets kick it off with the first episode of Smile Precure! I  may be slightly biased towards Heartcatch. There might also be spoilers. Well, without further adue, lets get started!

This was a fairly strong first episode for Precure. It was much better then Suite's first episode. It introduces each of our heroines early on.
The main character, Miyuki Hoshizora, who is transferring to a new school (SUP TSUBOMI?) On the way she meets a fairy and yeah, the story begins. Miyuki loves picture books and fairy tales, setting the theme for this series.

I personally like the theme and I wonder why Precure didn't do it sooner. Fairy Tales seems like the perfect thing for a Magical Girl series.

"I'M NOT FURRY I SWEAR" - This guy.
From what I can tell, the villians of this series are trying to bring the world to a "Bad End" in other words, a bad or ruined future, I assume. This is pretty cool, if you ask me. Then again I Just like hearing "Bad End". It sounds pretty cool. The monsters seem to be called "Akanbe" or something...which I think sounds cooler then Negatone or Deser...whatever they were called in Heartcatch. The villians goal seems to be collecting "Bad Energy" to revive something...I think.

Enemy designs are still lacking a bit..
Miyuki and Candy, the fairy mascot of this series..Wait, speaking of Candy. That is one thing that has disappointed me greatly. I miss Post Suite. Where each Cure had their own mascot. Now they all have just one. I think thats annoying and hope if we do get a 6th Cure she'll have her own fairy. So anyway, using the "Smile Tact" Miyuki becomes Cure Happy. The Cure of Happiness.

The first fight of the series wasss...not as good as Heartcatch's. However, it was still entertaining. Just like the past Precures, Happy doesn't know what to do and it's just well, entertaining to watch. I also must say that this is kind of what I have been looking for in an anime. Albiet, I was looking for a Shounen, but an anime where the main character gets a power like this and decides to help because it seems Interesting or Fun.

So, the first episode. It was good. Very Precure-esque, but thats to be expected of Precure. It started out much stronger then Suite and I think we'll be in for a good series...because, well..The writer of the series is
Shoji Yonemura, known for his work as the head writer of Kamen Rider Kabuto. We are in for a good Precure this year, guys!

Good CGI in Anime? Dafuq.
I also just want to comment on the Opening and Ending really quickly. The Opening song was good and I'll post it below, however the ending; the song was mediocre but the CGI was great! I am not a fan of CGI in anime and Precure's CGI has never looked that great to me. But the CGI in this ending was done really well and didn't seem out of place like in other Precure series. I'm not sure when I'll do my next Smile Precure review, most likely when all 5 Cures are introduced. Until then, be sure to enjoy Smile Precure, everyone!

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