Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO 37 & Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 16

Talk about late, Eh guys? Sorry about that. Since i ended up being so late with Gokai 16 i figured I'd wait 'till i watch OOO 37 and just review them both in one post. It's almost 2AM here, so excuse me if this review isn't the best in the world. Well, then let's get started with Kamen Rider OOO 37.

Hina in a ChinaGirl dress? Yes Please.
This episode was made of win. I'm sure it won't be as much win as the next episode though. Let's just take a quick recap on the events that led us here. Uva Revived Mezool and Gamel. They joined Maki, Cazali and Chibi-Ankh. They killed Uva. So, with the events of last episode, i thought that this episode couldn't get any better, well, i was surprised.

Where's Date? (Here's a hint. He's behind the newspaper.)
This episode was great in terms of plot development if you ask me. It set up for the big events of the next episode. Date's injury is getting worse, and Gotou is, well, really worried. Can i say something quickly? Date is the Ultimate bro. And i think he is the best Secondary Rider since Otoya. Don't get me wrong. Diend and Accel were cool. But Date...He's just Bro. Also, Mezool and Gamel spawned a Yummy together. Gamel, that lucky bastard.

I find this picture to be just awesome.
The Yummy's power is to deprive people of their sleep, building up their desire and then ultimately putting them to sleep. Kinda lame, if you ask me. But hey, it got the job done. Also, hearing Mezool call Maki "Dr. no Boya" was surprisingly hot. Especially in the seductive tone she said it in....Anyway, back to the review. Gotou learns that Date got the bullet in his brain as he was caught up in a War Zone during his time as a Traveling Doctor. I really can't get my head around the whole Bullet in brain thing. As far as i know, they kill you.

Gotou won't let Date turn into Birth anymore, causing some problems between the two. Date walks out on their team, in turn joining Dr. no Boya and the other Greeeds in order to more quickly reach his goal oh a hundred mil. Eiji has a hard time fighting the Yummy, but eventually manages to overcome the problems using the Puto...Axe..Gun...thing along with some Tatoba sound and the Eel medal. That's all the sense i could get out of what happened. Date then goes ahead and reveals he's workin' with the Greeeds. And this episode draws to a close.

All in all, i loved this episode. Next episode Gotou becomes Birth, which i'll probably be watching Tomorrow. So i should have the review up then too.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Just like with the OOO episode, this episode was awesome. Basco played the pro troll again, Ahim put her head in Luka's lap, AkaRed was a badass and Joe and Don had a bit of a Bromance.

Basco wants to trade Marvelous' Ranger Keys for his crew. The crew know Marvelous won't accept though, as they know it is his dream to gain the Greatest treasure in the Universe, and to do that he needs the Keys. So they try to find a way to escape on their own, and fail a lot. On a more important note, however. We get to learn more about our Cap'n's past.

Marvelous had found a Ranger Key, and AkaRed needed it for the Greatest Treasure. Marvelous wouldn't give it to him without a fight though. AkaRed won, but offered Marvelous the option to join his crew.

Fast forward back to now. Marvelous is trying to work out just what he should do. He ends up making his decision though, and goes to face Basco. Marvelous tricks Basco, Having Navi grab the Ranger keys before he could, whilst Don and Joe...Well...

I have never seen anything more Sexy in my life.
It was pretty funny watching the two of them do this. But their hands were tied up and all. Joe's face was priceless, however. So, you know how it goes. The Gokaigers fight Basco and his Ranger Key summons, and they of course win. In turn, they gain a few ranger keys. To name some of them, TimeFire, MagiShine, MegaSilver, DragonRanger and AbareKiller. Basco however, being the pro troll he is shows off what he's got.

"I Guess they weren't the only Ranger Keys i had."
That's right. Extra Hero keys. From memory, he has...SignalMan, BullBlack, WolzardFire, Female ShinkenRed, DekaMaster, Zubaan, DekaSwan, Mele, Rio and MagiMother. Seriously. Shit just got real.

Another good episode. I Just enjoy seeing Basco in general really...Next episode is the debut of the long awaited AbareAhim!❤ ❤ ❤~~~...Oh, and GokaiSilver.

I'll be doing my review on OOO 38 and Gokai 17 sometime within the next couple days, hopefully tomorrow! So look forward to them. Gotou-Birth, AbareAhim❤ ❤❤ and GokaiSilver.

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