Friday, June 10, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Review.

First let me state I apologize for last weeks lack of reviewingness, And the delay on this review but IT IS HERE! Majora's Mask the supposed sequel to Ocarina of Time and one of my favourite Zelda titles.

Its collectors edition!

This game is known for its darker tone and creepier atmosphere. This game wasnt really a "kids" game. The reason this game is so creepy is because of TINGLE! No not really ( for those of you who have not seen Tingle I highly suggest you do not Google image him)

Graphics: Graphics in this game are to the standard of OOT with some textures looking a little sharper and some rendered models looking a little less pointy. In other words it looks like Ocarina of Time. Great for the time period even though at this point the Playstation 2 was in development and Nintendo had to comeback with a better system. I give them graphics a 9.5 out of 10

Story: This game has one great story. The promise of the moon coming down and crushing the earth, and having to complete the game in 3 days ( which in game time is about an hour.) It is this fact that put people off playing this game BUT do not fret there IS a way to turn back time.
Our Hero finds himself looking for a lost "friend" in the forest when he is attacked by a Skull Kid who steals his ocarina. Not to delve to deeply into the story, Link is set out to find a precious mask and return it in three days or the moon will fall. In my opinion this has one of the strangest stories and yet I really like how it all fits together. Story gets 8 out of 10

This is creepy.

Audio\Music: One of the great things about the Zelda series is its music and this game is no exception, although some of the track have been recycled there are plenty of new ones. The ocarina is back and has some original tunes and some old ones (Eponas song, song of storms etc)
The main songs of this game is actually one of the series most favored songs played backwards!
If you like OOT's Musical style im sure you will enjoy the music that Majoras Mask has to offer. I give the musics a 9 out of 10

Gameplay: Much like every other Zelda game Majoras Mask is an Action\ Adventure game with RPG-ish elements. I now interrupt with this; HENSHIN!!!!!! If you dont know what that means its Japanese for transform. I say this because....Link has masks that transform him into some of the series popular races :O. This sets it apart from other titles being more advanced with the puzzles that were implemented with the transformations. All around I give the gameplay a 9.7864246210294 out of 10

Great game, great series. All up Majora's Mask gets a.................. 9 out of 10! The reason I like this game so much is of its darker atmosphere and the amount of sidequests there are to do. You wont be short of things to spend money on and things to do after beating the story like getting all the masks! Once again I highly recommend this title to anyone who has played an enjoyed Ocarina of Time. Go, It wont take more than three days....or will it?

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