Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Review

Another week, another review. To continue our little Zelda buildup to OOT3D here is THE WIND WAKER! I feel many people are sighing right now "Ugh Toon Link." But I promise to be fair here and disregard the fact that I'm not a massive fan of "Toon Link" either. And with that lets kick off this review.YOU!
Graphics: Ok so as you MIGHT have noticed the graphics here are well.. different to what many thought it was going to be. The cel-shaded semi cartoonish look made many people think "Huh?" but this game makes great use of its art style. For the most part everything looks like it should. Wood looks like wood, water looks like a blue blob. If compared to the N64 games which were also slightly cartoony this game looks pretty good. For me Zelda games where never about the realism of the graphics and this game shows you how graphics aren't all that important. For Graphics I give a...8 out of 10!

Audio/Soundtrack: Here is where this game really comes into its own. More new tracks were added than recycled old ones. Now this game being a Zelda title needs some sort of instrument to play right. Well.. Sort of. In this game you have well a Conductors Baton called the Wind Waker ( hence the title. YOU GOT IT?) The wind Waker has a more difficult playing method as it uses a beat and you need to move your C stick to the correct position before or on that beat. Songs have either 3\4, 4\4 or 6\4 timing. The controls are hard to grasp at first but once you get it you will be a conducting GOD. The soundtrack consists of familiar yet different sounding songs. I give the audio a 9 OUT OF 10!
Huh WHAT how did this get here?

Gameplay: Once again the same sort of stuff here. Action adventure you know the drill. But this game has one thing YOU SAIL across the ocean visiting islands. This process can be a bit tedious and sometimes you dont feel like sailing. I found myself stopping for a while because I was sick of sailing from here to there. This game has a grand scale having vast ocean to explore and plunder all that pirate gold. There is no shortage of things to do once you complete the main story.

Alright I think i have finished here. Notice I didnt go into the story here because if I did it would most likely ruin it for those of you who havent played it. I will be back next week with the final review before OOT 3D which I will DEFINITELY review when I finish it. Overall I give DAS VIND VAKER A 9 out of 10. Yes it is surprisingly good. If you arent a fan of Toon Link like myself I think you might struggle to finish this game but the final boss is worth every minute of it.
P.S Next weeks review will possibly be delayed so dont expect it on the Friday, but if it is even better.

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