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Kamen Rider OOO 38 & Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 17 - The BIRTH of AbareAhim❤ ❤ ❤ ...And GokaiSilver

Alright, unlike my last review this one is only a bit over a week late! Again, sorry for that. I'll be sure to get this weekends OOO and Gokaiger done right away. I'll probably do them in separate posts like usual, i'm only doing these combined because they are so late. Again, we'll start with OOO 38 and work our way down to Gokaiger 17. So, here we go!

Directly following the events of the last episode, Date and the Greeeds fight against OOO, completely dominating him. Gotou decides to man up, and chases the Greeeds away with a small army of candroids and fire. I really found the acting in the last two episodes to be pretty great for Kamen Rider quality. Along with the development of Gotou's character. I originally hated Gotou. Since the first episode. He was always such a straight-up asshole kinda guy. However, these last few episodes have really changed my opinion on him...Made me realize he is someone capable of becoming...Kamen Rider Birth!

So, quite a bit of stuff happens in this episode. Date gets paid his 50 Million from Maki, and goes on to tell Maki that he had always liked him and his Doll. Date asks if Maki really wants to destroy the world, and Maki does. I Think it has something to do with his sister, actually. Maki and Date go to attack OOO again. This time, Date reveals he was hired by Kougami to stop Maki from becoming a Greeed. Turns out there was a Self-Destruct system installed in Birth. Just as it seems Date is about to be blown up, however. Gotou reveals he removed. Followed by a large "GOTOU-CHAN NICE!" from Date. It was an awesome moment. However, the other Greeeds attack Date...

It was a pretty emotional scene. Date passing on the torch as Birth to Gotou in his last moments, while Eiji was getting his ass kicked by the other Greeeds. At this point, Date just...stops moving..and then we see this...
"Henshin". Gotou walks out to where Eiji is fighting, and some really badass music begins to play. He gets the BirthDriver on and transforms into Birth. AND HE USED THE CUTTER WINGS! I Really love them, but Date never used them. Gotou's first Birth transformation he turns into BirthDay form or whatever it's called. And absolutely dominates the Greeeds he is fighting. Chibi-Ankh comes and saves them, though. Eiji, Gotou and Ankh go to see Date. who is still just lying there...Until he wakes up and tells them that he has to pick up his pay.

"When you add this with the 50 Mil Maki gave me...You get this much."
Date gets his pay from Kougami, all of it adds up to 50 Mil. Which means he now has 100 Million Yen. He leaves to go get his operation and start his Medical School. Hopefully, he'll get his operation, come back, become a second Birth, and kick ass with his Bro, Gotou.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
"Let use the new power of the Goseiger we recently obtained, Shall we?"
So, when this episode started my first thought was "Wait, did i miss something here? When did they get the Goseiger power?" Then i remembered the movie was out. So, it seems the Gokaigers got some new powers in the movie. Basically, in this episode they are fighting a bunch of SGormin who keep attacking one after the other. That's when they get home to Navi to start TREASURE NAVIGATION. "Look for a spectacular guy in silver" Was their clue. They thought it was some fat jogger in Silver. Turns out it wasn't him. They meet a man named Gai Ikari, however they think he is more annoying then anything else. The Gokaigers soon enter battle with a new Action Commander. To do this they use the 6th Ranger keys to transform. And with that, we get the debut of....
From Left to right: Luka, Don, Marvelous, Ahim, Joe
That's right! AbareAhim~❤ ❤ ❤ . AbareKiller is by far one of my favorite Sentai warriors. He was a total badass in AbaRanger, not to mention his suit is awesome. And other then Kotoha and Saki, Ahim is my favorite Sentai gal'. Combine My Favorite Sentai Gal' and Guy Together? You Get AbareAhim❤ ❤ ❤ . Man, does she kickass. Anyway, they fight and Gai tries to intervene, as he goes to however the Action commander leaves. Next time they fight  him, Gai manages to intervene. 

Gai was dressed kinda...well, it wasn't as cool as Genta. His personality however reminds me of Genta. I really like him, he's a Sentai fanatic, a bit like me. He changes into GokaiSilver, and begins to kick some serious ass. He manages to work out that there was something suspicious about the enemy, and managed to save the Gokaigers because of it. After this, he begins to be accepted as a part of the Gokai Crew.

I Hope you guys are ready for the next episode. In it we'll see Mikoto/AbareKiller, All the Gokaigers will turn into Silver's, and the debut of Gai's Mech. Which is gonna be awesome. 

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