Monday, June 27, 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds That Transcend Time - Review

Well, guys. With the Yugioh 10th anniversary movie finally subbed, i thought i'd give it a review. I've been waiting for this movie since last year, and it certainly did not disappoint me at all.

This movie first introduces Paradox; This movie's villain. He's from a distant ruined future, apparently caused by Duel Monsters. Because of this he travels back to the past in order to kill Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters. The only one's who are able to stop him are the three "Heroic Duelists"(I'm not sure if that's what he even called them. But it was something like that.), Yusei, Judai and Yugi.
Now, in my opinion this movie had a pretty decent plot. Especially in comparison to the other two Yugioh Movie's.  It also felt more like a movie then the other two, despite being only 49 minutes long. I Think that is what made it better though, it focused more on the Duel then anything else, which made it feel like an actual episode of Yugioh.

The Duel itself was not that impressive. It was basically just Paradox with his Super-Powered monsters fighting against Yusei, Judai and Yugi. What made this duel truly great was the Nostalgic value. With Yugi using his Black Magician, and Judai with his Neos along with Yusei's Stardust was just a spectacular moment.

 The duel itself did not last many turns, however the turns were stretched out enough to make the duel long enough, yet not boring. My only problem is that Yugi was not given anything..."new". Judai used Neos Knight and Yusei used Junk Gardna...But Yugi just used Black Magician and Black Magician Girl. So it would have been nice to see them give Yugi an upgrade for Black Magician or something. Seeing Black Magician girl after all this time was nice too. Another thing to note was the music. The music sounded like something from a good JRPG. It gave the Duel the exciting feeling it needed, to draw me right into it.

This movie is canon to the series, unlike the Duel Monsters movie. It takes place just before the Crash Town arc of 5D's, and Paradox backstory and reason for doing this is further explained in the 5D's series, which i thought was nice and lead me to liking Paradox more then i had originally thought i had.

If you were a fan of the original Yugioh or are just still a fan of the Yugioh series like me, then this movie is definitely worth checking out! It was a crossover movie done in a tasteful way, involved time travel, had a big nostalgia value, Black Magician Girl, etc. Pegasus' engrish was also priceless.

This may very well be the most badass picture i have ever seen.
Overall? This movie was a great movie! Which was unexpected considering the Yugioh series track history with movie's. Seeing my childhood be revived along with the new Characters i've come to love now i'm older was truly great to see. And am looking forward to watching ZEXAL even more now!

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  1. It's been a long time since I watched Yu-Gi-Oh! It certainly feels nostalgic to see your favorite anime character/s one more time. And yes, I like the 1st series the best because things were simpler that time.