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Jumping The Guns A Little - Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fouze Wishlist

Well, with the recent confirmation that this years new Kamen Rider would be called "Kamen Rider Fouze", and since Kamen Rider Decade, we have gotten a "Kamen Rider Climax Heroes" Game. The 3 current games in the series, Climax Heroes (PS2), W (Wii) and OOO (Wii & PSP) have evolved with each new entry, with better graphics, gameplay and character selection for each of them. But, of course, they missed out on things even with OOO. And here's my wishlist of things i hope they put in the next Climax Heroes, if we get one this year, that is.
Boxart for Climax Heroes OOO
Now, Climax Heroes OOO was pretty great. For those who bought it, we even got a nifty Ganbaride card. The PSP version also came with a Custom BGM feature, allowing you to use your own music. So that would definitely need to return. (A PSP Version in general also needs to return.) The Graphics for a Wii game were wonderful; The Graphics for the PSP version were pretty decent too. The graphics for the PSP version could be improved upon slightly though, i think. We also are gonna need more stages. Most people consider the stages in the game 'Generic' area's, but i've seen a lot of them in Kamen Rider Series before. The Beach and Fuuto both come to mind. But some more stages would be nice. OOO had a pretty good selection of Characters. All 12 of the main Heisei riders were playable, each with different types you could select to play as. For Example, If you selected W you could play as:

Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker (This was a "Green Bar" Which allowed you to change forms at willl during battle; So you could cycle through your memories)
Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker (This one's a "Red Bar". A red bar is a rider that can change forms into a more powerful form. In this case it's CycloneJokerXtreme.)
Kamen Rider W FangJoker (This one was a "Grey Bar", meaning it had no other forms. You were just FangJoker.)

There were also Orange bars, which were summons. Such as the Denliner or Gouram. So, other then the 9 Heisei riders were also some Secondary Riders, from memory there was...G3-X, ALL GODDAMN RYUKI RIDERS, Kaixa, Glaive, Gatack, KickHopper, PunchHopper, Dark Kabuto, Zeronos, Nega Den-O, IXA, Diend and Accel. There was also the AutoVajin. I Think there were more characters. I'm not sure though.

I Know for sure there was 1 other playable character, though. Kamen Rider W CycloneAccelXtreme Form. He appears as an Hidden 'What-If' Character. I Think they definitly need to have him in Climax Heroes Fouze. I also think it'd be cool if they added other 'What-If' Characters.

Anyone who doesn't want to play as him is a liar.
Now, this was a real downer for me in CHOOO. Kiva. I Love Kiva. However, he only had his Kiva Form, Emperor Form playable and the ability to summon Doran. My main problem is...Well, WHERE WERE HIS OTHER FORMS!? They could have easily added Garuru, Bassha and Dogga. Or even just DoGaBaKi form. So, i hope we see them in CHF.

I Also think they need to give the Riders without ultimate attacks, well, ultimate attacks. I'd also like to see New Den-O Playable along with Skull. I Also think they should give W another "Grey Bar" to play as Kamen Rider Joker.

Now...There is one character, they have to make playable. In Kamen Rider Den-O Super Climax Form's ultimate attack, we see big wings pop out of his back. These are from Sieg. Without Sieg, Den-O is just Climax Form. Because of that, i think Den-O's Orange Bar, which allows him to Summon DenLiner should be replaced with a Grey Bar that lets you play as Den-O Wing Form. Wing Form is the form assumed with Ryotarou is possessed by Sieg. so it only makes sense.

I'd also want OOO TaJaDoru and Putotyra; But they'd be included no question. So, my wishlist for this game can be really summed up as:
Some More Stages
Kamen Rider Den-O Wing Form
Kamen Rider Kiva's Garuru, Bassha, Dogga or DoGaBaKi forms.
A Couple More 'What-If' Characters.
Kamen Rider OOO Shauta, Tajadoru and Putotyra forms.
Ultimate Attacks for the Riders who don't have any.
Individual Ultimate Attacks for Separate forms. i.e Den-O Rod Form or W LunaTrigger form.
Kamen Rider Accel Booster Form
Kamen Rider Joker (Could easily be added as a 'Grey Bar' for W.)
Kamen Rider Skull
Kamen Rider Birth

All of those, along with Fouze and a couple of his forms of course, are what i would like if we do get a Climax Heroes Fouze. This post is pointless, actually. I mean, there's a chance we won't even get a new Climax Heroes. Well, i just thought i'd share my opinion on what i'd hope we get if they do make a new Climax Heroes this year. Nothing special, I'll be back to doing reviews soon. Feel free to comment what you'd like to see in the game too. Also, i might do one of these for Dragon Ball Project Age 2011 if i have time.

Oh, and another Kickass opening would be nice too.

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