Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 35

Anybody else still loving the new opening?
Hey guys, i'm here with my first Digimon Xros Wars review. Let me say a few things before i get started, though. First, i LOVE Xros Wars. So many people say it sucks because it's "Different" to the original, however i see that as a good thing. Secondly, i love Nene. So you know, expect a lot of her in these reviews. Well, with all that said, let's get started.
So, we're in the new country, Honey Land. Dragon Land, Vampire Land and...Honey Land...? I can see they were being consistent. In this Country there are evil bee Digimon who are sucking negative energy out of Digimon to create DigiHoney.
Now, we got this Country's Death General. The Wood Pixie Fairy guy. Zamialemon. Seriously? We got some big Badass Dragon, A Vampire and now a Wood Pixie Fairy guy? I Just don't understand why they'd do that. Well anyway, this Zamialemon is trying to create a lot of DigiHoney to please DarkKnightmon. I Guess i forgot to mention this DigiHoney is also "Pure Negative Energy". I don't see how that works, but whatever.

This episode also introduces Cleavagemon.
Well, her name is actually 'Mervamon'. But, we've been waiting for her to make her debut since the new opening started, and she's different to what i expected her to be. I expected her to be more mature. Level headed, y'know.  However, she's actually the rush straight forward without thinking type. I Don't mind that of course, i just didn't expect it. Mervamon is trying to save the Digimon of Honey Land. But that's not going too well apparently.

So, after we rescue Lilamon we're taken back to their base of operations. Some Digimon Shell. Where we learn that the Digimon who get too much energy sucked from the Bee's turn into lifeless beings. Not dead, not alive. Mervamon is ready to head out already, Going for a frontal direct attack on the Death General. Kiriha disagrees with her however and leaves. Typical, right? She also calls Nene "Princess".

Taiki agree's to follow Mervamon, So Taiki and the rest of Xros Heart, including Nene and Sparrowmon head out to attack the Death General. Zamialemon along with the Bee Digimon guys, and Ignitemon (Yeah, i didn't mention him earlier, get over it) Are ready however. Ignitemon has a special ability to create some soundwave the paralyze Digimon. It's also revealed that he is Mervamon's brother. Which stresses Nene out, hearing Mervamon is willing to kill her brother if he helps the enemy.

Not the most Intimidating name.
Zamialemon uses 'Forced Digixros' to Digixros GrandisKuwagamon and a group of HoneyBeemon, then have Ignitemon ride it to fight Mervamon. Mervamon says she's willing to kill Ignitemon, but can't fight properly. She does love her brother. Nene notices this and saves Ignitemon and then...

That's right, for the what i think is the second time in the entire series we get to see Nene use Digixros. This time in her new outfit. It's clearly a service to us Nene fans. I Mean, just look at how short that skirt is *__*...Anyway, back on topic. She Digixros' Sparrowmon and Mervamon, saying a "Digixros combining hearts is stronger then a forced Digixros!" Or something along those lines.

So, now Mervamon can fly. Fly to take out the also flying GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode. JetMervamon ends up totally kicking Kuwagamon's ass now Ignitemon isn't riding him. Ignitemon sides with Xros Hearts, Zamialemon ends up leaving, swearing revenge or something and that's about it for this episode. Mervamon calls Nene Princess again though. which was cool.

So, this was a good episode. Especially for Nene fans. It's about time we got some more Nene episodes. All the focus has been on Taiki and Kiriha so far. I Enjoyed the episode.

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