Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sonic Generations - Thoughts so far.

Since i don't really have anything to post today, I thought i'd give my thoughts on the upcoming 20th Anniversary Sonic The Hedgehog Game.

From this gameplay footage i can say one thing; I am veryyy excited.

'Sonic Unleashed'. I'm sure a lot of people are horrified to read those words together. However, i think it was a good game in itself. I'm not here to talk about this game, though. Nor how much i hate the Werehog stages. The daylight stages, though. The ones where you played as 'Normal' Sonic, were wonderfully done i thought. It really captured the 'Speed' Element the Classic Sonic games had and brought it to life in a more Modern Style.

I Have yet to play Sonic Colors, but people are saying that they came close to getting it right with that game. I can't be sure about this however, since i haven't played it.

Sonic sure did slim down...
I personally think Sonic Generations is a way to try to get the older fans, who are currently completely hating on any new Sonic game because it's "Different" to the originals, to try and get them to want to play this. Not only by including 'Classic' Sonic but also by bringing back the gameplay from the old games, albiet in 3D.

Sonic 4
If i remember correctly, they tried that with Sonic 4. However, fans still complained. I'm not too sure why they complained about that though...I haven't played it just yet, but it looks fine if you ask me. Well anyway, Sega has gone another step forward with adding to that classic feel by not just giving you gameplay like the older games. From what i understand, other then the addition of playing as Classic Sonic, the music is also pretty much the same as the Genesis games.

Sonic Generations
Sonic 4 was released for Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, WiiWare and the like and Sonic Generations will be released on PS3 and 360. As you can see there is a huge difference in graphics. Graphics aren't really important if you ask me though; Especially in a Sonic game. but i'm sure some will disagree. As far as i know, Classic Sonic can't use homing attack either, so it really will be like playing an old Genesis game. Just in 3D.

Here's Modern Sonic's gameplay. From what i've seen, it's similar to the Daytime gameplay in Sonic Unleashed; Which is something i liked very much. I'm speculating you'll be able to choose as either Modern or Classic Sonic to play through the story or just do certain stages as, which i think would make the game much better and would also appeal to many of the older fans.

So for me, this game will be good. Playing as the Sonic i grew up with in the Dreamcast games and the Classic Sonic i often play as now i'm older i think this game will be great, and look forward to hearing more about it, Hopefully at E3 this year.

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