Monday, May 23, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 36

Another late review. Last week when i watched episode 35 of Xros Wars, i was really psyched for this episode. But didn't end up watching it till now. Now, i'm psyched again for episode 37. Seems as though it'll be a Nene episode. I Love Nene Episodes. Why? Because they have Nene in them. Anyway, let's get on with this review.

You tryin' ta steal Kiriha's DigiHoney?
Pure Badassary right here.
So, this episode was pretty sweet. It had more Cleavegemon. And guess who else? Beelzebumon! We haven't got to see his badassary too much lately. He used to always be sneaking around, appearing when Taiki was in danger. Now he just lives in the Xros Loader. Taiki and the others got an invite to Zamielmon's amusement park.
This whole scene is much more epic if you're actually watching the episode
So, basically, Taiki comes up with a plan. Kiriha, Ignitemon and Beelzebumon will go destroy Zamielmon's DigiHoney. Taiki and the others will go to the amusement park. Apparently, Zamielmon isn't really tiny. He forces himself to shrink by eating lots of DigiHoney. It turns out this "Amusement Park" just happens to be Zamielmon's hunting grounds. So, Knowing it's a trap, Xros Heart head out to the Honey Amusement Park, in order to brave it out until Kiriha is done with the DigiHoney.

Do you know why this picture is awesome? One word. Nene.
 So, Zamielmon trap them in some cart when they get to the amusement park, and sends them to some ice place where they have to dodge his arrows for 3 Minutes. After that it's some Lava place, where they have to dodge for 5 Minutes. Then they are all on a ferris wheel where they just have to dodge till they die, i guess.

You know shit's gonna go down when this happens.
Kiriha is DigiXrossing Greymon and Mailbirdramon to help with the destruction of DigiHoney. They eventually succeed of course, also taking out some Wasp-Like Digimon on the process. That's one thing i'm loving about Xros Wars so far. I mean, Kiriha started out as some Douche. Now he's a total badass. They've done a really good job with his character, and that change in design worked wonders.

With Zamielmon no longer able to eat his DigiHoney, he grows back to his original size. Which just happens to be Giant. It turns out he's still really fast as a Giant however. Which kinda sucks. So, Taiki and Nene try to fight him off. How? Shoutmon X4 and JetMervamon. Did you hear that? SHOUTMON X4! It's been a while since we've seen him in action, i've missed him. I Remember when Super-Evolution was introduced in this series. I Hoped that they wouldn't stop using the DigiXros forms from earlier in the series, and it looks like i got my wish.

Of course, we do get some Super-Evolution in this episode too. I don't know about you guys, but i love OmegaShoutmon's design. I Just think he looks really awesome. Kiriha arrives and Super-Evolves MetalGreymon into ZeekGreymon, then Taiki and Kiriha go ahead and DoubleXros Omega and Zeek into Shoutmon DX. Through the combined efforts of the Ferris Wheel, JetMervamon, and Shoutmon DX they defeat Zamielmon. They end up discussing the boy Kiriha saw, and Nene thinks it may be Yuu. Well, it was Yuu. And for those who don't remember, Yuu is Nene's younger brother whom she went to the Digital World to search for, who now appears to be a villain.

As i said earlier, i'm really looking forward to the next episode. I Think it'll be great. Has anyone heard of "Shoutmon X7" yet? From what i've read, it's the DigiXros of Shoutmon DX, Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Star Sword and Sparrowmon. I'm not sure if that's all, there will probably be more digimon added to the DigiXros, after all it is X7. So at least one more, But who knows? As i recall it was originally said it would be OmegaShoutmon who does this Xros, not Shoutmon DX. The Digimon Wiki Page for Shoutmon X7 says that in the Xros Loader toy, he is made up from OmegaShoutmon. But everywhere else says it's Shoutmon DX. So maybe it's just OmegaShoutmon in the Xros Loader, and DX in the series. Either way, i want an OmegaShoutmon X4. Or Dorulumon X4.

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