Monday, May 30, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO - Episode 36

She's Back <3
For me, this episode is setting the path of the rest of Kamen Rider OOO. It should have been called "Beginings, Endings and Depression" Why depression? We'll get to that. This episode was pretty awesome. And this is probably the first time i'm doing an OOO review before Gokaiger.r Heck, even before Precure. Well, let's get started.

So, with Shingo begining to wake up and Date's bullet in his head hurting, the two are rushed off to hopstial by Satonaka. Whom we haven't been seeing enough of lately. I mean, she's not as cute as Hina, but she's way cuter then Chiyako. Satonaka > Chiyako (Was her name even Chiyako...? Or was it Chiyoko? I can't remember.)

Sad Ankh is Sad.
When Gotou gets to the hospital, Date greets him. Covered in wires and such, whilst Eiji runs off to see Hina. WHO SAYS SHE ISN'T GOING TO SCHOOL ANYMORE ;-; Goddamn Unicorn Yummy. Destroying her dreams. Shingo's life isn't in danger anymore though, even without Ankh. Which i knew was going to happen eventually, but still. Ankh = Badass. Shingo = Cop. Badass > Cop.

Mezool and Gamel are finally back. Uva decides to be a sly bastard though and doesn't give them all of their Cores. Because Uva is...Uva...He's...He's just a legend like that.

Looks like someone has a Boy Crush. Gotou
After Date tells Brotou about the whole having a bullet in his head thing, Gotou decides that he won't let Date die. I realized something form this episode. Date is one of the most badass Riders of all time. He's up their with Yuuto, Tendou, Yaguruma, Otoya, Godai, You name it. It really will be a pity when/if he does die.

There is some unimportant fighting, Hina going all crazy and cutting up her clothes, Mezool and Gamel attack Ankh, Ankh takes back Shingo's body cause he's boss, Then the Unicorn Yummy, Gamel, Mezool and...-sniff- Uva, attack OOO and Birth. OOO and Birth get their asses handed to them, till Eiji decides it's time to get some Putotyra action going. Also, that reminds me. I think Eiji is starting to be able to sense Yummy's now. As when the Unicorn Yummy was attacking and Eiji was at the hospital, the sound of Cell Medal's dropping could be heard and Eiji kinda turned around. That's just my speculation, though.

Eiji manages to control Putotyra and completely kicks ass. Finishing off the Unicorn Yummy in the process. It's also revealed the Eiji's desire is...The World? I Don't know. It was just a giant Globe really. Maybe he just really wants to own a Globe? Now for the depression....The Greeeds...Mezool and Gamel...they...they turn on Uva...and well..Kill him...Uva..he..he dies..
You'll always be remebered, brave soldier
Not all hope is lost, though. Uva's core medal starts shaking saying he won't let it end like this. Hell Yeah, Uva's gonna come back and kick some major ass. I just know it! He'll side with OOO, and become Uva GataKiriBa combo, and just..yeah..he'll do it..i'm telling you ;-;

So, with this episode over and done, next episode looks awesome, We got Loli-Mezool and Date fighting on the same side. Which will be awesome, Yeah, that's right. Date betrays everyone and sides with the Greeeds. Why? Cause he's boss.

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