Thursday, May 5, 2011


Um, Well, hey there everyone. Joekermon here. This is my new blog, the JoekerStraightFlush, which will focus on Anime, Games and Tokusatsu, but on occasion i'll also upload other stuff i find amusing or interesting.

I Intend to do anime reviews, both Series and Episodic reviews, talk about games, bring Toku reviews and keep you updated on Toku news, along with a variety of other things.

So, i'll tell ya what i have planned right now:

 A Series Review for Maria Holic, along with Episodic reviews of Maria Holic Alive (starting from the latest episode)
A Series Review for Kamen Rider W, this one might come a little later then the Maria Holic review, as i'm yet to finish W. Only 5 episodes left, though. Also, possibily a Kamen Rider W Returns: Accel review.

Episodic reviews for Digimon Xros Wars, 2 or 3 days within the Ryuu Rogue subbed release.

Episodic reviews for Kamen Rider OOO, possibily followed by a complete series review. Undecided. lol

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episodic reviews. Will most likely do a complete series review when it is finished.

This is only the stuff that is set in stone that i'll do so far, i'll be bringing updates with new anime episodes for certains anime giving a couple of my thoughts on the episodes, nothing too big though. Look forward to more in the future!

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