Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO - Episode 33

I was hoping my Kamen Rider W series review would be the first Kamen Rider review i did. But it seems as though i wasn't able to finish W before watching OOO 33. I Didn't mean to wait a week to watch it, but i was caught up with catching up with other stuff.

To start off, OOO is gettin' to be srsbznz. Since episode 20 or so i've been kinda skeptical, not enjoying the series as much as i did others. However, with the recent episodes i'm really starting to enjoy it again, and this episode was no exception. It starts right out with some Putotyra Combo. Like, within the first minute of the episode Eiji was going beserk and kicking ass, and it was awesome.

Eiji Be Beserkin', Ankh be Schemin'.
So, Ankh is being his usual asshole self trying to get Eiji to transform with the Purple Medals again so he can grab them. I Guess to make him stronger or something to take his body back? I think it'd be pretty cool if Ankh had of absorbed them and had of gained like, some Dinosaur left arm. That'd make OOO an even better series. Well, he fails with absorbing them. Eiji and Date end up fighting though, it wasn't really a climatic fight, unfortunately as Gotou soon stopped them by getting Besiji (Beserk + Eiji, get it?) to attack Cazali who just happened to be watching the fight.

No surprise but Eiji collapses after the fight. They're all at that restaurant with the funny name that i can't spell and Eiji has received an invitation to an Amusement Park by some Katimura guy. I Dunno if that was his name. I think it was. Apparently, he was Eiji's high school best friend. So Eiji takes Hina, Date, Gotou and Ankh to the amusement park.  As it turns out, this Katimura guy owns the amusement park. And there's absolutely no one else there. They all do this obstacle course thing where Hina gets kidnapped. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to get a good screen cap of her with the net over her. I Wish i had of been able to.

So, after Hina goes missing they all go looking for her only to find a yummy that was earlier spawned from Katimura by Chibi-Ankh. Date fights with the Yummy as Birth as it evolves then kidnaps him. Again, an Anticlimatic fight. It was pretty funny, though.

God i hope not...
So, The White Bird with a Red Face Yummy attacks Eiji and Gotou, Eiji tells Gotou to become Birth because it's too dangerous for Eiji to fight right now. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, Katimura trapped Ankh in a net earlier. Saying something about him using Eiji and how Ankh can't really help him. Katimura is also following Cazali's orders at this point. That was a pretty important part of this episode, luckily i didn't forget completely. So anyway, Gotou decides not to become Birth because he isn't ready (And never will be, mind you.) so he just uses the Ptera Candroid, which fails. The Purple Cores come out of Eiji's body and are about to enter his belt when Ankh appears! Ankh throws the 3 Grey Cores which knock the purple cores out of the way, transforming OOO into Sagozou.

This episode did make me realize one thing about Sagozou. I HATE THE SOUND IT MAKES WHENEVER IT HITS SOMETHING. it was just so damn annoying to hear every second. This loud "BOING" Noise. Well, anyway they found Hina. Gotou gets kidnapped by the Yummy, Ankh glares at Katimura and Cazali and Chibi-Ankh are just sittin' around being Cazali and Chibi-Ankh.

Well, this was a pretty good episode. I Do have one complaint though. Kamen Rider openings. They add the secondory rider after they are introduced to the openings. Which is cool. But they should also add the Final Form of the rider too. I Think that'd be awesome. Well, i look forward to the next episode. Hopefully i can bring the review for that sooner then i did this one.

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