Sunday, May 29, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 37

This episode had a phenomenal amount of Nene fanservice. So expect mention of that. This episode has Nene finding her long lost little brother, Yuu. First i'd like to say, i just read Xros Wars chapter 11. Well, not read. Since i don't understand japanese. Just looked at it. And the Manga is turning out similar to the anime in a certain way... 
Left: Manga Nene in Volume 11 Right Anime Nene in Episode 37
Nene gets....'restrained'. It's pretty fun to watch. Unfortunatly, it's only saddened by the fact it's Yuu who is doing it to her in the anime. Her precious little brother she's been searching for, for so long now. Also, in this episode Wisemon get's a Digixros! It's a kinda lame Xros though.

I'm finding it hard to believe this is meant to be a kids show.
So, the Xros Team as i call them. Why you ask? Well, Xros Heart is just that Army. It doesn't count Blue Flare. So Xros Team is both Heart and Flare. So Yeah. Anyway, they are searching for Yuu, they find him and it turns out he's a total asshole. He runs off and Nene goes chasing after him, thinking DarkKnightmon-Sama is controlling her- I mean him. I'm actually gonna be honest. Until this episode, i thought Yuu was gonna be some weak willed unnecessary character. But he's actually an asshole. Saying he enjoys making Data fight, and that it 'excites him'. Well, Yuu. Watching you 'retrain' Nene like that 'excites' Me. So Touche. Well, Kiriha and Taiki can appparently tell Yuu isn't under DarkKnightmon-Sama's control.

Seriously, best episode so far.
So, just as Yuu is about to kill Nene, (i mentioned he was an asshole, remember?) Mervamon comes out of Nene's Xros Loader to save her. I kinda envy Mervamon. Getting to spend all her time in Nene's Xros Loader. Inside Nene's top....Well, anyway, It turns out they are in some illusion Yuu set up of their home town. Luckily, the rescue team are on their way.

You may ask. "With the amount of Nene Fanservice in this episode, what could make it any better?" Well, i'll tell you. Taiki's DigiXros. What's that i hear you say? He Digixros' all the time? True. But in this episode, he DigiXros' them into ShoutmonX5B. Seriously, X5B is one of my favorite Xroses, i wish they'd use it more often. Apparently, Yuu isn't ready to fight Taiki yet. Luckily for him, DarkKnightmon-Sama comes to the rescue. Using the Darkness Loader, Yuu Xros Opens DarkKnightmon-Sama, and then Digixros' Tsuwamon and DeadlyAxemon. Nothing special there.
Remember, this is a children's show.
Lilithmon get's a Forced DigiXros too. With the Evilmon and Blastmon's head. She becomes Lilithmon Mistress Form, i think it's called.
I Have been waiting to see this since his introduction.
Wisemon get's a Xros with HiVisionMonitamon and Mervamon so they can locate Taomon, whom is using some magicks so that the Xros Team are unable to see their enemies. The Xrossed Mervamon manages to stop Taomon though, then Tsuwamon is Digixrossed with DarkKnightmon-Sama in order to finish them off. However! We get some Chou-Shinka in this episode, OmegaShoutmon and ZeekGreymon make an appearance, and don't even become Shoutmon DX.

They end up stopping DarkKnightmon-Sama, but he isn't defeated. He just leaves with Yuu saying he only came to save Yuu, since Only those who rule a Country are able to enter and exit. Meaning Yuu would be stuck in HoneyLand.

This episode, was just so badass. Nene Fanservice, Beelzebumon, Wisemon, Lilithmon Mistress Form, it was all awesome. Next episode introduces Ruka. A Blue haired loli girl that strangely resembles a certain Yugioh 5D's character with Blue Hair and whom is named Ruka. And is a Loli girl.

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