Wednesday, May 11, 2011

La La La ♥ Suite Precure - Episode 13

Yo Guys. Here with my first Suite Precure review, and it'll be the newest episode, episode 13. Let me say this to start: This episode wasn't the most exciting episode. It was mostly just backstory for Hummy and Siren. That's right. 24 Minutes of Backstory of 2 Cats. Sounds interesting, right? Well, let's get this show on the road.

Hummy reminds me of Kyuubey. She just isn't an asshole. And isn't always explaining thermodynamics.
So, we start out with everyone still wondering if Siren was Cure Muse. At first i hoped Siren was Muse myself, but i realized it was unlikely. I Still have hope she'll become a Precure sometime though, cause Siren. Well, She's a cat. It turns out Kyuube- I Mean, Hummy and Siren were best friends. They'd practice their singing together along with a self playing Piano everyday. What's wrong with that last statement? Let me tell you. Two Cats Singing with a Piano that has hands and plays itself. This is my first Precure series. So is this the norm for Precure?
Precure; The only series where 2 Cats making up can still be manly.
So, it turns out Hummy was tricked when he tried to enter some contest to sing the Melody of Happiness or whatever. He was given a fake score that was a completely different song. Siren however, being the badass kitty she is gives him her Score so that she'll be able to sing. Hummy's all nervous and Siren's all "You can do eittt". As it turns out, Hummy sings better then most cats. On par with a lot of Humans.

The two of them make up. Siren and Hummy become friends again. Here's where the episode starts to get interesting, though. Mephisto 'brainwashes' (Don't know if that's accurate) Siren, making her think that she lost because of Hummy telling Aphrodite and the other Judges of the contest Siren gave him the fake Score. When it was really some Poodle-Cat-Bitch-Thing called Diva. Siren turns all evil again, Unfortunately.

Siren turns the Score she's been carrying around since the contest thing day into a Negatone. Is it just me, or do these Negatone guys look wacky? I Mean, they look awesome when transforming, but then after they've transformed...

I like where this is going.
So, Now we finally get some action. Hibiki and Kanade transform to fight the Negatone. I'm still loving the Henshin Music. However, as usual with the past couple episodes, they fail. That's right, again they fail at fighting off a Negatone and (metaphorically) Scream for Cure Muse' help.

So, as usual, Cure Muse, or as i like to call her "Kamen Rider Cure Muse" comes to save the day. She really doesn't do much. Seriously. However, it was revealed she wasn't Siren as, well the two of them were there at the same time. Making it kinda difficult for them to be the same person.

Seriously, i never get sick of seeing this.
So, Cure Rhythm kicks the Negatone then Melody finishes it off; The battle it's self was very unexciting.  Does anyone else miss the Precure Passionate Harmony attack they used to do? I Do.

Well, In the end Siren goes off and Hummy is sad. Hibiki goes on to tell Hummy that Siren will turn into her old self again someday. I'm not going to lie, though. I Love the way they brainwashed Siren. It reminded me of watching Power Rangers in Space, when Astronema realized what she was doing was wrong, but then got Brainwashed and turned into a Villain again.

Well, this episode was decent. Nothing special. Kinda boring. The next episode should be better though, as apparently a second Cure Muse will turn up.

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