Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nyapunyapu! Suite PreCure♪ - Episode 14

This is really late. So i'm sorry about that. I've been Watching Gundam Seed. But, i figured i should get back to my responsibilities and bring a review for episode 14 of Suite Precure! So, Without further a due, here it is!

In this episode, Hummy gets three cupcakes to eat. She enjoys eating all three of them. 1 of them is Kanade's and the other is Hibiki's. I am assuming this cupcakes were also made by Kanade. The girls gave Hummy their respective cupcakes to try and cheer her up about Siren. After eating the Cupcakes, Hummy was indeed cheered up. Hummy goes on a quest to find the notes, and ends up splashing around in a puddle looking for them.

Wait...Ouji? That guy you like? Is a Precure? As in the ALL GIRL Magical Girl group? I like where this is going.
No we've covered the important part of the plot, lets get to the rest of it. It isn't as exciting as Hummy eating cupcakes, but whatever. Hibiki and Kanade are trying to search for Cure Muse. They think Cure Muse is a student at their school. Kanade for some reason thinks it's her crush, Ouji. Which is just stupid. Since Cure Muse is clearly a girl. (Then again, so are all Precures...) Surprise Surprise, It's not Ouji. Kanade ends up disappoint.

After a day of searching, it turns out Cure Muse went to see Hummy. BUT WAS IT REALLY CURE MUSE!? She summons Hibiki and Kanade and tells them she needs their Cure Modules to restore the Legendary Score because her and Hummy collected all of the notes in that short period of time. I Think she is lying. Well, she is lying and throws the Cure Modules into the ocean. Then traps the Cures to take them to Minor Land.

The real Cure Muse appears, and her fairy tone says that the fake Cure Muse is...SIREN! Did that surprise anyone? If it did then you mustn't have paid any attention to the episode at all. In fact, you mustn't have even watched it. You know how when they defeat a Negatone, Hummy does that thing. Where she claps her hands together and makes the Fairy Tone all happy again? Well, it turns out that can also summon the Cure Modules from the ocean. Hibiki and Kanade transform and beging to fight the newly summoned Negatone along with the real Cure Muse.

The Negatone designs aren't getting any more normal. Seriously, what is that? Some Seaweed monster? If you guessed that, you're right. That's exactly what it is.

So, the Suite Precures end up defeating the Negatone and ask whom Cure Muse really is. She tells them it's no time to be friends yet. So, with that, the episode comes to a close.

Next weeks episode seems to be about Kanade, Siren, Ouji and a spoon. Sounds Kinky, right?

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