Friday, May 20, 2011

For People Unable to See FaceBook Pages Posts in their FB News Feed.

Yo, guys. A few people have told me they've been unable to see posts from this blogs facebook page in their news feed. And i don't mean posts by 'NetworkedBlogs'. But the posts made by the actual page, pictures and such.

To fix this, go to your facebook homepage. Where it says "Most Recent" where your news feed is, click the arrow next to it followed by clicking 'Edit Options' from the dropdown menu. From there, make sure the 'Show Posts From' is set to 'All of your friends and pages'. Facebook seems to have been automatically changing people's settings recently. So this should fix that. You'll be able to see all of new blog posts from 'Networked Blogs' along with all of the sexy pictures that are posted.

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