Monday, May 23, 2011

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Episode 14

Overtime said that this episode is absurd. I Agree with that. This is the Gekisou Sentai Carranger tribute episode. Carranger is a series that parodies Kousoku Sentai Turboranger, however it's also considered it parodies Super Sentai as a whole. And you could really tell by this episode. I was stuck between laughing and saying "wait, wat?" throughout most of this episode.

Kyousuke Jinnai/RedRacer AKA Legend.
Red Racer would have to be one of my favorite reds to appear so far, along with Karou of Shinkenger and Jyan of Gekiranger. Navi tells the Gokai Crew to "Watch for Traffic Safety"....Or something like that. So, they go out and start to try to obey the traffic rules. Which was pretty darn funny to watch. Well, next we get the weird part of this episode. Insarn has fallen in love with Jinnai. It's...kinda strange to watch. However, the Action Commander "Jealousshitto" (His name is spelt like Jealousuto or something like that, but imma spell it how it's pronounced,) is in love with Insarn. This creates a very strange love triangle, that in my opinion, parodies every Romance movie ever made.

Not really much happens. Insarn gets Jealoushitto to go capture Jinnai. He fails. Finds out she loves him. Tries to kill him. She tries to stop him. One of my favorite parts of this episode was when the Gokaigers transformed into....

The Gokaigers GokaiChange into Turboranger. This is the series Carranger parodied, and Jinnai gets pretty pissed off when they do this. They realize they got the wrong team, so they go ahead and change again, this time into...

They get it right, and go ahead and fight Jealousshitto. Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink kinda fail, then Marvelous attacks the enemy. Then they get ready to use their ultimate attack!

This made me realize that i'd like to see Ahim (unsuited) ride a Unicycle.
So, Ahim Unicycles, Doc Bikes, Joe Skateboards and Luka roller blades, with Marvelous riding on the back of the bicycle to attack the enemy. It was. Wacky. To say the least.

Red Racer, teaching a giant jealoushitto how to tell Insarn he loves her.
Insarn proclaiming her love to Jealoushitto
My main problem with this episode was that they didn't get a GokaiMachine for Carranger. THEY SHOULD HAVE. It wouldn't have been hard to do. It's just a Red Car. A Red...RACER CAR.

In the next episode, an ol' friend of Marvelous appears, and summons TimeFire, OhRanger, DekaBreak...And...I can't remember the rest. I Don't even know if DekaBreak was there.  Well, i can't wait for it.

Also! There were scenes from the 199 Legend Battle Movie in the ending for this episode. And the movie looks so damn awesome. I'll be posting an awesome picture of Marvelous and Alata on the GokaiGalleon together on the Facebook Page, so be sure to check that out!

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