Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO - Episode 34

My Two Princes' got kidnapped in the same week. Ahim AND Hina. ;-;
This OOO Episode can be summed up in one word. GODDAMN AWESOME. Well, that's two words. But this episode is so awesome it doesn't matter. Seriously, these last few episodes of OOO has made this one of my favorite Kamen Rider series.

 Ankh is such an asshole. He told Kitamura if he told Ankh the truth then he wouldn't tell Eiji what happened. Well Guess what? He still told Eiji the truth. Eiji however covered saying he and Kitamura planned it for fun or something. Then ran off to find Date and Gotou.

'Dat Chicken...
So, Gotou is bitchin' 'bout how if he had of transformed into Birth he might have been able to save Date and not get captured himself. Date tells him to stop his bitching and to just become Birth already. I mean, he came Birth in Movie Wars Core, So why the f*ck can't he do it now? I Really don't like Gotou anyway.

Eiji finds Date and Gotou, sets 'em free then the Chicken- I mean Owl attacks again. Eiji uses a seemingly random combo. He said it wasnt' after fighting though. I Love the way he waves his arms around when he fights with the Eel arms. It makes me laugh. Katimura wants Ankh to...well, GTFO i guess. So the Owl Yummy kidnaps him. He wants this because he thinks Ankh is using Eiji and doesn't care if he does. Which is actually pretty accurate.

Eiji tells Katimura that he's using Ankh. Eiji is using Ankh so he has the power of OOO. Before Eiji dropped the Sai and Batta medals, however Katimura gives them to him and sends him off to find Ankh. Eiji finds Ankh about to be absorbed by Chibi-Ankh and learns that Maki may become a Greeed. Which means Eiji might too. Ankh thinks a human becoming a Greeed is "Bullshit". Eiji appears to save him, but he only has the Sai and Batta medal. With A Torso Medal he can't transform. So he tries to Summon the Purple Cores.

Eiji undergoes his first willing transformation into Putotyra form. Which was awesome, hearing him say "Henshin" followed by the 'PUTO-TYRANOSAURS' sound effect. Well, Eiji still goes beserk. Putotyra is the shit. He's able to fight and win against 2 Greeeds and a Yummy at the same time. Cazali and Chibi-Greeed leave, and Eiji defeats The Yummy. Then goes to attack Ankh.

Ankh tells Eiji he doesn't care what happens to him. But he will restore himself, and needs Eiji's help to do it. Then Jumps at him. Eiji attacks him, then reverts back to normal afterwords, saying he knew Ankh would bring him back.
At first i thought Ankh was going to be kinda..lame. But he turns out to be just as badass as Philip did.
Well, this was a great episode. I Loved it and am now really looking forward to the next episode, Where it looks like Hina's brother might start to wake up, Which should be awesome.

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