Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO - Episode 35

ohay Nobunaga. Nvm, It's just badass Eiji.

This episode was made of win. From start to finish, it was win. First off, we got Eiji dressed up in an outfit of Hina's design. And it was badass. Eiji was all like, slick. He should wear it all the time, it'd make being OOO seem a lot more badass. There was also a bit of a revelation in this episode, but we'll get to that later.
So, this episode starts out with Hina, Chiyoko, and 'Ankh-Chan' at a fashion show, where Hina entered her awesome costume Eiji was wearing in that picture above. Big surprise, she wins it. Everyone congratulates her except for Ankh. Except then he does. It was kinda shocking, but it's made obvious by the tone of voice and the fact Ankh wasn't sure whether or not he said something that it wasn't really him. Oh yeah, there was also this chick named Shouko. Who came second in the Fashion Show. Apparently, she promised her father she'd drop out of school or something if she didn't win it. So she's pretty pissed off with that. It turns out it's Hina's dream to be a designer. And gets offered to go study in France with a professional. She however, needs time to think about it, worried about Shingo. need a Unicorn Core Medal.
 Dr. Maki creates the next Yummy by inserting a medal into the runner-up trophy Shouko won, creating a Unicorn Yummy. That's right. A Unicorn. Do i even need to tell you all how badass that is? Unicorns...They live in our Wishes, they are the representation of Dreams, Wishes and Rainbows. Except this Unicorn destroys dreams. Like literally. He sucks the dream out of the person then tears it up. So, OOO ends up fighting Uva and the Unicorn Yummy, Birth shows up only to get his ass kicked by the Unicorn Yummy. Why? Well...
A Bullet in the head? Ya think?

Well, it turns out Date has a, get this. Bullet.In.His.Head. That's right. a bullet. In his head. Apparently, it's miraculous he survived. YA THINK!? Miraculous isn't the word. Getting a bullet to the head generally means death. And not the good kind. The dead kind. Kinda like all deaths.

Not much more happens. It is revealed though that Uva is planning to revive my sweet Loli, i mean Mezool and Gamel. Seriously, i've missed Mezool. Her human form. So much. He has enough Cells, but not enough Cores. only 4 of Mezool's and 3 of Gamel's. More then they were originally revived with in the series. What sense does that make? None. OOO and Uni end up battling. Uva intervenes to try and steal Mezool and Gamel's Core Medals from him. That's when things start to get a bit strange.

Cazali shows up to help OOO. Yeah, my reaction was probably the same as yours right now. But fear not, he only did it cause he's an asshole. He did it so Uva could purposely steal some of Mezool and Gamel's cores from him. To help out with their resurrection, i guess. Hina's dream ends up getting taken out by the Unicorn Yummy, Ankh tries to stop him, but doesn't make it. Hina's dream is destroyed. That's when things start to get slightly more awkward...
Shingo wakes up. SHINGO.WAKES.UP. Take a second to absorb that information and make sure you stay calm. SHINGO WOKE UP!!!11!!!1! SGFRNSKLGRJSLKLD. Okay, i've settled down. The episode pretty much ends here, though. Haters Be Hatin', Shingo be wakin'.

Next episode. We got all the Greeeds back. We got the Cazali, Gamel, My Sweet Loli- i mean, Mezool, ChibiAnkh and Maki. I Love the way Maki makes his Yummy's. Did i mention that? One thing i notice about this, is that Uva isn't there. Seems as though Mezool and Gamel are gonna ditch him. Either way, i can't wait to see what happens next. OOO is starting to Climax! Unfortunately, like Den-O he could Climax from Start to Finish. -sadface-

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