Monday, May 16, 2011

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Episode 13

And with another week comes another episode of the best darn Sentai yet, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. This episode features my favorite Princess, Ahim, Going about her daily untold adventures. Overall, as an Ahim episode, this episode was enjoyable to me. Luka was my favorite. 'Till she stopped wearing leggings. Now it's the Adorable Princess Gunslinger Gal'.

Oh Ahim, you Gunslinger you.

Someone's gonna get in troubleeeee...

So, this episode starts out with Ahim getting kidnapped by some dude. Apparently, he decided to try to start his own business but ended up in major debt. This seems common in Japan. Is it? Well anyway, he wanted i think 30 Million Yen ransom money for Ahim. Ahim was more then willing to help him out though, Telling the others she had been kidnapped and needed 300 Mil Yen (She said it'd be better if he had more money then he needed, she's such a sweetie.). The guy at this point had realized Ahim was a pirate, and was shitting some serious brix. She made the phonecall sound like a ransom call, when really she just wanted to give him the money.

So, fast forward a bit and we got a new Action Commander. I Realized something, i prefer Sentai weekly monsters to Kamen Rider's. Sentai's monsters are just more quirky, as opposed to how Sinister Kamen Rider's usually are. So anyway, he's looking for some meteorite thing that could apparently be made into some neuro thing and wipe out the Human race. Only catch is that Ahim's kidnapper has it. So, our favorite Gunslinger kicks some ass and allows the two to escape.

Gosh, even the way she stands is adorable.

So, they get away eventually. This guy says he is super unlucky. But Ahim goes on to tell him how lucky he is, thanks to him finding the meteorite thingy and giving to to her, the human race won't die. That's our Ahim, making people feel better when they're down. Ahim ends up pretending the Zangyack were the one who kidnapped her, and then the Gokaiger end up, well, fighting the Zangyack.

Did i mention Marvelous is a badass?
So, they end up having a small untransformed fight, which is always awesome. I really wouldn't mind if this whole series was fought untransformed. It's just so awesome to see 'em kicking ass. Well, they do transform eventually. And Then they decide to...
That's right, Make a Show of it. It was especially awesome this time because Ahim said it. So, this fight was the usual really. Nothing special... One thing i did find cool was the transformation into Gingaman. This time around they kicked ass as them. They ended up finishing off the fight with ShinkenGokaiOh (They also used DekaGokaiOh, though.). So, the guy thanks Ahim, The 'Doc destroys the meteor thingy, and the episode ends happily. I CANNOT WAIT TILL THE CARRANGER EPISODE NEXT WEEK!

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