Friday, May 6, 2011

Maria † Holic Alive - First Episode Impressions

Hey guys! Chances are i won't be reviewing episode 5 of Maria Holic Alive, so i thought i'd do a post with my early thoughts of the series after watching the first episode.

I Feel at homewith this series already.
What i loved about this is that it didn't treat it like a Sequel. It was more like picking up from where the last series ended, which is something i like but don't see too often unfortunatly. I Also found it funny how it introduced us with "Maria Holic Basic Knowledge" Saying that Kanako Likes girls, then telling us she's Perverted Lesbian Pig. It made me laugh.
Pure Innocent Lesbian Schoolgirl...?
Kanako's idea's of what the 'Trials' of the first dorm might be.
The episode itself was good too. It was...well, more perverted then the entire first series was. At least i thought it was anyway. They venture off to the First Dorm building in order to get to some flower tree where it's legend that if you confess your love under it, you'll be eternally bound to that person, however the First Dorm is filled with trials.

One of my favorite trials however, would have to have been the last trial they went through. Needing to bribe the Dorm Mistress to get through. Why is this one of my favorites, you ask? Well, because if you've read my last Review, you know what kinda person the Dorm Mistress is.

 Well, as i said earlier, this was a good episode and i think i'll enjoy the rest of the series just as much, if not more then the first. I'm looking forward to watching the second episode and seeing what comes next.

It also brought back the Animation styles i loved from the first series.
So, if you want to watch this episode head over to CommieSubs or AnimeTake.

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