Thursday, May 5, 2011

The World God Only Knows 2 - Episode 4

Hey guys. I Know it's a little late, but I only just finished the episode. So i'll give you my thoughts about it here.

Who Ya Gonna Call? The Loose Soul Demon Brigade?
Honestly, ever since the announcement for the first The World God Only Knows anime last year, this is the episode i was looking forward to. I Love Haqua, So her introduction 'Arc' as the manga calls it, is one of my favorite parts...OF THE MANGA. I Don't know why, but i'm not enjoying it as much in the anime.

Also introduces the new game "Where's Keima?"

All in all though this was a good episode. It tells us abit about Haqua's past, which i enjoyed seeing, showed Elsie with her hair down, which was surprisingly hot, had Keima playin' some PFP and above all, had some pretty epic scenes.

There was something that dissapointed me about this episode, though. It kinda...Well, the Capture of the Giant Loose soul was no where near as epic as when they are captured from Keima kissing the gal'. I Thought it would be much more epic animated, but...well, i was dissapointed.

Well, either way i enjoyed this episode. It wasn't as epic as it was in the Manga, but hey, it had animted Haqua. What more could we ask for?

Unfortunatly though, for me anyway, there was a lack of Haqua shots in the episode that just stuck out. I was hoping there'd be more pictures of her in review-thingy...Unfortunatly, there wasn't. So here's some service:
This kinda reminds me of Dragon Ball Z somehow.

Head over to HorribleSubs website or AnimeTake to download this episode. Hope ya'll enjoyed this review.

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