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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Episode 12

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, but here's Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode 12, "The Guaranteed Showy Samurai"!

Captain Marvelous; Badass.
So, we start where the last episode left us. Joe has left a note behind saying he's left. Everyone is worried cept good ol' Captain Marvelous. Who just wants some food. Well, he also says that Joe will come back.

Equally Badass.
Now if you ask me, this episode really showed the true extent of Joe's badassary. He goes out to wait for Barizorg to try and get him to remember whom he really was, even going as far as using Cid's own original technique. Barizorg brushes it off and tells him he's not Cid. He's Action Commander Barizorg. Joe feels all broken after getting attacked and just kinda lies around for a while. I Do however think this was important for the character development of  Joe.                                                                                 

This may seem unimportant, But it's Ahim's chest.
Meanwhile, the rest'a the crew are chillin aboard their ship with Kaoru. Eating. Kaoru is curious to know how why Marvelous is so sure Joe will return. So, Marvelous goes on to explain some back story between the two of them.
This picture is the definition of badass.
Marvelous went was venturing Space on his pirate spaceship with Navi, landing on another planet only to be found that it was already taken over by the Zangyack. Joe was fighting of a group of Gormin, getting his ass kicked, when Marvelous came to save the day. The Two of them fought off all the Gormin and might i add it was one of the most badass scenes in the series. Marvelous says he wanted to drag Joe along with him for his Dream, giving him a Mobirates and Ranger Key.

Now for the fight of this episode. It was the most epic fight in the series yet. I Have a few pictures of the fight, mostly the GokaiChanges, but i'll post them at the end of this, since there were so many in this episode. Marvelous, Luka, Ahim and The Doc' start off the battle with Joe, each of them use 3 GokaiChanges each (Not Including the Gokaiger forms) which i thought was really cool, as it made the fight very interesting showing off the fighting styles of the previous Sentai Warriors.

Even Ahim is badass.
One of the most epic parts of this fight was when they were knocked out of their transformations. They just kept fighting. It was really awesome seeing them fight outside their suits. It also showed that Ahim wasn't as useless as she has been so far. She was truly badass fighting outside her suit.

Again, may not seem important. But Ahim Cleavage.
Things aren't looking too good for our favorite Space Pirate Crew, though. The Action Commander they are fighting is just too strong to fight on their own. But don't lose hope. Out of nowhere comes Joe to save the day.

With Joe back, the crew is ready to really kick some ass. So, without further adue...GOKAI CHANGE!

And i thought that scene from before was badass.

So, after some kickass fighting with the Zangyack, The one thing i was waiting for from the beginning of the series happens...

Tenka Gomen No Samurai Sentai...Shinkenger! Mairu!
Now one thing i like about this, is ShinkenYellow. I Love Kotoha. And Luka for me is my third favorite Yellow. So seeing her as ShinkenYellow is great. Basically, the fight from here on was very epic. Especially as it went on. Ryuunosuke was certainly not my favorite Shinkenger. He annoyed me to no end. Joe as ShinkenBlue, however, was just plain epic. Not only is Joe a badass. BUT HE DUAL WIELDS 2 SHINKENMARU's! That's right, you heard me. He completely kicks ass.

Another one of the most epic moments of this episode was ShinkenGokaiOh. A lot of people have complained it's GaoLion that combines to make it, But, i think GaoLion is just plain awesome. So i don't see a problem. On top of that, it looks awesome combined with GokaiOh.

So, basically this was a great episode. I Think using Kaoru as ShinkenRed was awesome. Don't get me wrong, Takeru was awesome. But Kaoru is just plain sexy. It was the most epic episode of Gokaiger so far if you ask me. Seeing the Gokaigers undergo the Shinkenger Henshin scene, All the GokaiChanges, Ahim, everything. It really has me looking forward to the next episode.

Here are the GokaiChanges from this episode:
Captain Marvelous/GokaiRed:
Hurricane Red

Yellow Mask
Green Rhino
Pink Flash
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
The preview for the next episode looks awesome. So i can't wait for that.

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