Saturday, May 14, 2011

The World God Only Knows 2 - Episode 5

Dragon Ball Z was long enough with only 7...
I Love this anime. I really do. Who would have thought a series about some Dating Sim Playing Real World Hating Otaku would end up this popular? Well, I Don't really like the Chihiro. She annoys me. Her capture arc however, i love. And now we've reached the Chihiro arc. So, let's get this show on the road.

So, we got Keima trying to work out how many more loose souls there is left to catch and how much game time he's missed out on. Elsea tells him it's about 60,000. Apparently, Keima expected 7. So he wasn't too pleased about this. One thing i find great about this, is that they've finally stopped Keima from blushing all the time. He hardly ever did in the manga, unless he was doing something capture related. So now the anime really is living up to it's manga counterpart.

He's still the same old Keima.
So, Keima goes on to talk about how he doesn't care what any real girl says. Because they are so boring and plain compared to the 2D Girls of games. But, that's when he finds out Chihiro is the next Capture target. He absolutely downright refuses to capture here. I Thought it was funny, seeing as with previous girls he's just dealt with it. But with Chihiro, it was like the end of the world. He calls her a "Background character" and thinks she isn't suitable for a capture. And refuses to capture her.

Keima ends up deciding to try and go ahead with Chihiro after she gets rejected by some guy, only to find out she actually confessed to most handsome guys she see's. The two of them get into a fight, and Keima gets called a Cockroach. Keima gets pretty depressed.
Virtual PFP...?

He ends up completely shutting himself off from the real world again. Becoming an "Ultimate NEET" as Elsea calls him. Is that even how you spell Elsea? I'll check for the next episode. He ends up collapsing from hunger only for Ayumi (See TWGOK Episode 1) to try and cheer him up. And with that, the credits roll.

So, all in all this was a good episode. It was very funny. I was laughing throughout most of the episode and now i'm really looking forward to episode 6, the halfway point for the series. I'm really hoping we'll get a TWGOK season 3. I'd love to see Tenri/Diana animated.

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