Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Episode 15 - GokaiDiend

He even kinda looks like Daiki..
This episode introduced Basco, who transforms into GokaiDiend and summons previous Sentai Warriors. Nah, he just summons the previous warriors with a Trumpet. Honestly, i excepted him to be like, some super badass pirate. But he really wasn't. Sure, he was cool. But he certainly wasn't as badass as i expected him to be.

An important part of this episode was Luka wore something hot for once. It's been a while. Unfortantly, she went back to the ugly shorts look by the end of the episode, but whatever. I still have my Ahim. Basco is a privateer for the Zangyack empire. This episode shows us some more backstory for Marvelous. He was a part of a crew known as the Red Pirates. It consisted of him, GokaiDiend and their Captain....

That's right, Akared. I Loved Akared when i first saw him in the 30th Anniversary movie. I'm glad they are using him in the now 35th anniversary series. I mean, he seriously kicks ass. Basco wants to settle things with Marvelous, or so it seems. And calls him out for a fight. Marvelous goes alone, saying he needs to do this one on one.

Oh Shi-...
So, It turns out Basco is an asshole. I mean, he's not as much as a troll as Diend. Remember in the Decade x Den-O Movie? When Diend just kinda appeared to summon those 3 Riders. That was pure troll. This is just plain assholearey. Luckily for Marvelous, he doesn't have to fit these badass' alone. Wait, a thought just occurred to me. When Diend Summoned the Riders, he summoned the Riders. These are just the Ranger Keys? That's kinda lame, actually. Well, either way, seeing these guys gathered like this was still pretty awesome.

Anyone notice how absolutely adorable Ahim looks in this picture?
Ahim looks so damn adorable throughout this whole episode. Like seriously, Luka is just plain ugly in comparison to Ahim. Well the Gokaigers go to fight TimeFire, Shurikanger, DekaBreak, KingRanger and DragonRanger.

Ahim be Gunslingin'
Marvelous be bein' Marvelous

The Gokaigers eventually defeat these guys. But, that's not the end..

So, he summons a bunch more 6th Rangers, who totally own the Gokaigers, forcing them out of their transformation then still pounding them. Like seriously. Watching them hit Ahim around untransformed made me rage. That was just uncalled for. Basco kidnaps the GokaiCrew cept for Marvelous, and says he can have the TimeFire, DragonRanger, DekaBreak, KingRanger and Shurikanger keys. Bringing this episode to a close. It was a pretty good episode. I'm hoping next episode Marvelous turns into TimeFire.

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